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Zinc rich foods – Incorporate these foods to protect yourself from zinc deficiency

    Thinning of hair, poor neurological condition, weak immunity, acne or rashes are the symptoms of an underlying condition of zinc deficiency. But, you no longer have to feel vexatious because these zinc rich foods are going to help you surpass these symptoms and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Before getting into the details of why you need to include zinc rich foods in your diet, let us see what happens to your body if there is a deficiency of zinc.

    1)    Dreaming of a perfect and lustrous hair? Zinc rich foods do it for you

    Hair growth is nothing without the cells which cause your hair growth and to boost the functioning of these cells, you need to take zinc supplements. This article gives you the sources of best zinc supplement by consuming which you can flaunt your beautiful shiny hair.

    2)    Without zinc, you could not be able to smell and taste properly

    It may sound weird, but you never know the importance of what you own until you lose it. Smelling and tasting are of course God gifted senses, but if you do not include zinc rich foods in your diet, you might land up in a big trouble of not being able to savour those scrumptious foods or enjoy your favourite fragrance of wet mud after it rains.

    3)    Do your wounds take a long time to heal?

    You might possibly have studied in your sixth grade that healing of wounds requires shedding of old cells and continuous division of cells to form a new tissue. This is how your lesions, cuts or tears are healed.

    If you are bothered about your wounds not healing quickly, you might as well go in search of natural sources of zinc and include them in your diet because zinc is that amazing mineral that makes this process quick.

    4)    Zinc deficiency causes infertility in both men and women

    Infertility has rather become a very common issue and reasons could be many ranging from an improper lifestyle to internal hormonal changes. But what if the solution to hinder this problem is in your own hands? It could be a Zinc deficiency.

    You need not feel stressed because this article gives you some excellent and best sources of zinc which you can incorporate into your daily diet schedule.  

    5)    Prevent Cancer, diabetes and heart problems because prevention is better than cure

    With the increasing reports of cancers, diabetes and heart-related problems, it becomes incumbent on us to include zinc rich foods in our diet. Read on to know what foods have zinc and include them in your diet to prevent yourself from being a victim of these diseases at an old age.

    6)    Acquire that perfect glowing skin by consuming foods high in zinc

    Acne prone skin and blemishes can lower your self-esteem and can steal your beauty. But, including the natural sources of zinc in your diet can help in diminishing acne and wiping away those ugly scars and rashes that ruin your beauty and ultimately help you flaunt your soft glowing skin.

    7)    Zinc deficiency and delayed maturation in children

    If your child has become a grown up and hasn’t still hit his or her puberty, then it is probably an indication of zinc deficiency and you need to look out for some natural sources of zinc to make your child attain a sexual maturity.

    Apart from a proper synthesis of RNA and DNA, zinc helps inappropriate division of cells which is very essential for growth and development. You can include the below-mentioned foods that contain zinc to surpass this problem

    Zinc rich foods to make your lifestyle perfect

    Gorgeous hair and smooth skin texture, high immunity and an illness free healthy body. This pretty much sums up to a good and perfect lifestyle that we all crave for.

    You can possibly achieve these if only you embrace and welcome these zinc rich foods into your diet.

    If you are a perfect vegetarian, make your lunchtime an interesting phase of your day by mandatorily making one of these foods high in zinc a part of your daily feast.

    Vegetarian foods that contain zinc


    We all grew up watching cartoons and the first thing that should really strike your mind when you hear spinach is Popeye the sailor man! He was undoubtedly our favourite toon, for the way he gulped down cans of spinach which was a saving grace for him.

    When your favourite toon was created by renowned cartoonist E.C Segar, he was suggested with an idea of including spinach as an ingredient that adds to his strength because of it being the best zinc supplement and the amazing minerals that this leafy vegetable encompasses.

    Grab a pack of crunchy roasted Pumpkin seeds

    Instead of munching on unhealthy oil stuffed chips that will cause you cardiovascular health problems, you can instead do yourself a favour, by replacing these chips with a pack of crispy roasted and salted pumpkin seeds.

    Apart from zinc, pumpkins seeds contain manganese, magnesium, Iron, phosphorous, proteins and fibres and vitamin K which is an important vitamin that helps in effective blood clotting.

    Garlic to rescue from cases of flu and illness

    Garlic adds up to the special essence and flavour, more precisely to the spicy dishes. But you would be surprised to know that garlic contains many other vitamins and minerals and the quantity of zinc is the highest amongst all the other vitamins and minerals.

    Slice and dice some Tofu in your favourite recipes

    If you are not a meat eater, tofu will definitely add up to the taste that you have been craving for. You can add tofu to your favourite sandwiches, smoothies, salads, to make sauces and also to bake your favourite snacks post lunch.   

    Tofu is one of those delicious zinc rich foods which can be used as an added ingredient to make your dishes more appetizing

    Replace your regular rice with brown rice

    One cup serving of brown rice contains relatively more amount of zinc than a regular one cup serving of rice, which is why you have to make brown rice a part of your diet. Brown rice has lower cholesterol levels and can prevent you from the risk of cancer and diabetes.

    A cup of yoghurt post lunch – One of the best sources of zinc

    Apart from zinc, Yogurt contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B2, and Vitamin B12. You must consider buying a cup of low-fat yoghurt because low-fat yoghurt reportedly contains high amounts of zinc.

    Good news for meat eaters! If you are die-hard non-vegetarian and still suffer from zinc deficiency, you can add the below-mentioned zinc rich foods to enrich your diet.

    Non-vegetarian foods high in zinc


    The next time, you visit a restaurant, instead of savouring those routine beef and chicken dishes, you can relish oysters which are high sources of zinc. You can walk down to a special Chinese restaurant, that is remarkable especially for oysters.  


    If you want to enjoy a lip-smacking dish and get yourself enriched with high proteins but still not gain weight and look fat, Turkey should be the dish of your choice because turkey contains high proteins but fewer fats.

    Apart from high protein content turkey contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, selenium, zinc, and niacin.


    People who suffer from infertility problems are usually suggested to consume beef steaks as a part of their diet because beef steaks contain required amounts of zinc to boost your gametes and curb your problems of infertility or sterility.


    If you want to try something different, different from the usual, then you can opt for lamb meat, because lamb meat is one such food that is rich in proteins and there are many varieties of lamb meat such as leg of lamb, lamb breast, lamb fry, lamb meatballs, lamb pizza, lamb kebabs to make your diet interesting. Lamb meat is one of best foods high in zinc.