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12 Ways Laser Eye Surgery is Better than Other Treatments

    Do you have a prescription for glasses or contacts? If so, you’re like most people in the world. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are both widespread methods of vision correction. 

    But what if there were a better way? 

    Believe it or not, laser eye surgery is becoming an increasingly popular option for improving vision. It’s no secret that laser eye surgery is one of the best treatments out there for correcting vision problems. 

    In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the ways laser eye surgery is better than other treatments.

    1. Laser eye surgery is much more precise than other methods

    Both contact lenses and eyeglasses are designed to have a very general effect – which is why they’re so common. But this isn’t good enough for many people, especially those who suffer from vision problems that may be easier to correct with laser eye surgery. 

    Undergoing a laser eye surgery procedure is more precise than other treatments. This is simple: it can be designed to have a particular effect, which makes results much better and easier to predict. This means that there’s less chance of error when operating with other methods. It also means that results are guaranteed to improve vision significantly. 

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    2. Laser eye surgery has fewer side effects than other treatments

    If you’ve ever worn glasses or contacts, you know that there are some downsides to these options. One of the main issues with wearing contact lenses is that they can be very uncomfortable, especially if they aren’t fitted properly. 

    Because they’re placed directly on the eye, issues like tearing or allergic reactions can cause significant pain that needs to be dealt with right away. However, problems with contact lenses are unlikely to happen if they are fitted by an optometrist who knows what they are doing. 

    Lasik surgery doesn’t just correct bad vision; it also makes it so that eyes are less likely to get infections or suffer from tearing or allergies. These kinds of things don’t just improve comfort; they also make it much more likely that patients can return to their everyday lives as soon as possible.

    3. Laser eye surgery is a better treatment for those who suffer from night blindness and light sensitivity

    If you’ve ever suffered from night blindness or light sensitivity, then you know how difficult it can be to go through your day to day life. 

    One of the most frustrating symptoms of these problems is poor vision in dim lighting conditions. This means that it can be tough to read or do anything else when you’re indoors during twilight hours, even with corrective lenses.

    4. Laser eye surgery is more effective at dealing with presbyopia than other treatments

    Presbyopia is a common problem for people who have been wearing corrective lenses for a long time. It happens when the eye’s natural lens becomes stiffer, which makes it so that focusing on near objects is more complicated. This means that many patients will require reading glasses to see everything clearly. 

    While eyeglasses are an option, laser eye surgery is a better way of dealing with presbyopia. This is because the surgery can be designed to have a very specific effect on the eyes, which means that results tend to be much more effective.

    5. Laser eye surgery can improve any vision problem

    Laser eye surgery is not specific to certain kinds of vision problems. Whether you have extremely poor vision or extremely corrected vision, laser eye surgery can improve. There are no limits to which vision problems laser eye surgery can treat.

    6. Laser eye surgery is non-invasive

    Unlike other treatments, like eyeglasses or contacts, laser eye surgery does not require invasive procedures. During the outpatient procedure, you can go home right away. There is no recovery period, making laser eye surgery extremely convenient for most people.

    7. Laser eye surgery focuses on your unique vision problems

    Every person has a unique prescription for vision correction. In other words, the correction of your eyesight problems will be different from the correction of other people’s eyesight problems. Because of this, each person’s laser eye surgery will be unique.

    8. Laser eye surgery is a one-time treatment option

    Other vision treatments involve regular use and applications, weekly or monthly use of contacts, for example, but you only need to do it once with laser eye surgery. If you are the sort of person who hates doing things over and over again, laser eye surgery is an appealing option for you.

    9. Laser eye surgery can be used on both eyes simultaneously

    With eyeglasses or contacts, if one eye requires a different corrective power from the other, you will have to get two different prescriptions. Not so with laser eye surgery. In this form of vision correction, the same procedure is performed on both eyes simultaneously.

    10. Laser eye surgery can be used to treat astigmatism

    In contrast to laser eye surgery, other forms of vision treatment cannot treat astigmatism. Laser eye surgery is the only way to get rid of astigmatism.

    11. Laser eye surgery is much more affordable than other treatments

    Laser eye surgery is much more affordable than other vision correction treatments in many cases. Although it does have a higher upfront cost than contacts and glasses, it becomes less expensive for you to use over time.

    12. Laser eye surgery is the only treatment that lasts a lifetime

    If you have laser eye surgery once, you will never need to get it again. Other vision correction treatments are always required every day or month or year, or some other period of your choosing. With the right laser procedure, you can solve your vision problem with one treatment option.


    Laser eye surgery is a better way of dealing with presbyopia, astigmatism, and other vision problems. It provides a non-invasive option that you only need to use once for the rest of your life. 

    In contrast to contact lenses or glasses, which require on-going applications or replacements, laser eye surgery gives you clear vision for the rest of your life. 

    Even better, because laser eye surgery can be more precise than other vision correction treatments, you are far less likely to have any complications from the procedure. It is the best option of all time.