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5 Back Pain Treatments That Work

    If you suffer from an ongoing back problem, the pain is constant. You suffer twinges whether you are sitting, standing, or sleeping. These 5 back treatments are designed with you in mind.

    Back pain treatments come in all shapes and sizes. You can go through surgery for spinal cord issues, or for damaged vertebrae. Muscle pain is common in the back because not all of us know how to lift using our legs. Similarly, slipped discs and swollen tendons can leave you trapped in bed for days. 

    The 5 Back Pain Treatments That Work

    If you suffer from back pain, there is a strong chance you have tried most things to get rid of it. According to research, these five treatment methods should help you get back to your fully flexible self.

    1 – Pain Killers

    The first thing that the doctor is likely to do to help back pain is to prescribe you something to lessen it. Although painkillers like codeine and tramadol are helpful for minimizing pain, they do not actually treat the source of it. Tramadol, for example, inhibits the brain’s ability to interpret pain signals. When you are in pain, though, it is important to remember that pain is a warning sign. Dampen that warning sign too much and you risk a further injury.

    2 – Muscle Relaxers

    On the other hand, your doctor might prescribe you a benzodiazepine, commonly diazepam, to loosen those muscles; read more on this website. When one muscle in our back seizes, all the other muscles around it tense right up, ready for the attack. The doctor may prescribe you a medicine like this, so you relax your body. This can ease off the worst muscle cramping pain.

    3 – Change Your Mattress

    If you are sleeping on a bed that is too soft and you are a side sleeper, you will feel it in the lower back and hips every morning. It will make you stiff. If you are a stomach sleeper on too soft a bed, you will feel it between your shoulder blades. If you are a back sleeper on a soft surface, you might enjoy a wonderful sleep. Read about the types of beds which are correct for the way you sleep to eliminate that pain.

    4 – Massage

    A good massage can get right into the roots of your back pain and rub it all out. It might also become unbearably painful, too, so check with your doctor first. Both Massage and Acupuncture are recommended treatments according to John Hopkins Medicine. These work in the same way as the diazepam might. They make you so relaxed that your muscles ‘unwind’ from one another.

    5 – Yoga

    Not only does yoga work to relax your muscles, but it also stretches them out. If you ask any reliable physiotherapist, they will tell you that yoga is a gentle, easy way to get strength back into areas of the body weakened by illness. Don’t go straight into ‘downward facing dog,’ but do practice light movements, even in a chair, combined with deep breathing. It will make you feel wonderful.

    Further Tips for Back Pain Management

    Not only should you try these treatments, but you should also avoid any unnecessary extra lifting or unusual movements. Treat your back a little more delicately and let the damage heal properly before you get back into those spin classes.