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5 Causes of Hair Thinning and 9 Ways to Treat It

    Thinning hair is caused by age, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, infections, and genetics. Doctors test for these conditions when patients experience hair loss. Hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies require changes in diet and certain therapies, such as hormone replacement therapy. Doctors treat infections with antibiotics. Genetics predict who is likely to lose their hair and need cosmetic treatments. A review of these five causes of thinning hair and nine ways to treat it helps women and men find new hope.

    1. Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments

    Platelet-rich plasma injections have shown promise in regrowing hair and decreasing hair loss. Cosmetic surgeons take blood from the patient and use equipment to strip the platelet-rich plasma from the blood. The plasma is injected into the hair follicles directly. It is an effective cosmetic treatment for thinning hair and promotes healthy hair follicles. Men or women can learn more about PRP For Hair Restoration by contacting a cosmetic surgeon now.

    2. Use Restorative Shampoos

    Restorative shampoos increase hair regrowth and could decrease the risk of hair loss. Men and women can use shampoos each day to strengthen their hair and decrease hair follicle damage. Damaged hair follicles cause thinning hair and won’t produce new hair. Shampoos can unclog the hair follicles and improve regrowth.

    3. Hormone Therapy Treatment

    Hormone therapy helps correct hormone-related hair loss or thinning hair. Low-T causes decreased hair growth and could cause balding. Men can take testosterone supplements or injections to balance their hormones.

    4. Taking Folic Acid Supplements

    Folic acid generates new cellular growth and stimulates hair growth. The supplements increase oxygen-rich red blood cells and decrease thinning hair. They can also decrease the premature graying of the hair.

    5. Biotin and Keratin Supplements

    Biotin and keratin supplements improve the condition of hair and strengthen it. Doctors recommend taking the supplements to improve hair and generate more hair growth. They thicken the hair and keep it healthier.

    6. Scalp Massages

    Scalp massages can unclog hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth. Patients set up a scalp massage whenever they visit a medispa for massage therapy. The circular motions decrease thinning hair and revitalize the hair follicles.

    7. Rosemary and Thyme Essential Oils

    Essential oils such as rosemary and thyme stimulate hair regrowth. Men and women apply the essential oils onto the scalp and massage them in. Regular use of the essential oils improves thinning hair and decreases bald spots.

    8. Age-Appropriate Multivitamins

    Thinning hair is a part of the aging process, and age-appropriate multivitamins infuse the body with necessary vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals improve red blood cells and keep the body healthier. By taking vitamins each day, women and men improve their hair and skin. The vitamins and minerals make hair healthier and stronger.

    9. Using Minoxidil Treatments

    Minoxidil treatments such as Rogaine regrow hair and offer preventative care. The products decrease thinning hair and thicken existing hair. A daily application improves the texture of hair and stimulates the hair follicles. Women and men with thinning hair benefit from the Minoxidil applications and see regrowth quickly. Does xyngular work? You can find out here.

    Men and women may experience thinning hair and hair loss for several reasons. Hormonal changes often cause hair loss and thinning, and doctors prescribe hormones and medications to treat them. A variety of products are on the market to prevent new hair loss and thicken existing hair. Cosmetic treatments with plasma show great promise in preventing hair loss and stimulating the hair follicles. While doctors treat each patient on a case-to-case basis, there is a great treatment for everyone suffering from thinning hair and hair loss.