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7 Common Sleep Disorders: What Causes Them?

    Sleep is important, as this is how the human body recharges after a hard day. A good night’s sleep is needed so the person feels rested and energetic the following day. Below are seven common sleep disorders people suffer from and a look into the causes behind them. This can help you to sleep better: metarelax review.

    One: Circadian Rhythm Disorders

    Each person has an internal clock that governs when they should be awake and when they should be asleep. If a person’s circadian rhythm gets messed up, it can cause sleep problems. Look into cbd sleep aid products as a remedy.

    Disorders considered to be related to circadian rhythm include jet lag and shift work adjustments. People can also suffer from delayed sleep phase syndrome. This means they fall asleep too late and wake up too late. Other people may suffer from advanced sleep phase syndrome, which is when they fall asleep but wake up too early.

    Two: Insomnia

    Another common sleep disorder is insomnia. People who have insomnia may have trouble falling asleep. They may also complain that they can fall asleep, but they cannot stay asleep throughout the night.

    What causes insomnia? Insomnia is caused by anxiety, stress, bad sleep habits, depression, certain medications, jet lag, and other circadian rhythm disorders. Many people claim to suffer from frequent insomnia, which leaves people tired and cranky throughout the day.

    Three: Snoring

    Snoring is a big reason many people feel exhausted throughout the day. In some cases, the person’s sleep partner is doing the snoring and causing the problem. What causes snoring? Snoring is caused by air rattling over the relaxed throat tissues.

    Four: Sleep Apnea

    The above sleep disorder, snoring, can be a sign of a bigger problem. That problem is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is terrible and can cause high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks.

    Sleep apnea usually happens in conjunction with snoring. The person’s upper airway becomes blocked. When this happens, the person stops breathing in their sleep.

    Five: Narcolepsy

    One sleep disorder caused by a brain disorder is narcolepsy. A person suffering from narcolepsy may have what is known as a sleep attack, meaning one moment they are awake and the next they are asleep with zero to little warning. Narcolepsy can be a genetic disorder.

    Six: Restless Legs Syndrome

    Middle-aged adults and seniors are famous for suffering from restless leg syndrome. This syndrome makes people feel like they need to get up, walk, or move their legs, even in the middle of the night. While the exact cause behind this disorder is unknown, experts believe it is brain-related.

    Doctors believe that some of the causes of restless leg syndrome could be genetic. They also hypothesize that it could be medications a person is taking, a vitamin deficiency, or pregnancy. Recently, doctors have pointed the finger at kidney failure and nerve disorders being part of the problem behind this sleep disorder.

    Seven: Sleepwalking

    Sleepwalking is when a person gets up, walks around, and participates in activities while asleep. This sleep disorder happens during the NREM sleep cycle and can be caused by many things. Stress, anxiety, medications, alcohol, and illness can all be behind this sleep disorder.

    There are many types of sleep disorders a person can suffer from. Each has its own list of causes. Any of these sleep disorders can leave a person exhausted through the day, so it is important to work out sleep issues as soon as they arise.