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Best Protein Cocktails for the Student – Simple, Delicious and Healthy

    While at college, it is essential to eat healthily. This is important as there are many activities on-campus that demand your energy. As a result, it is a bad idea to focus on junk and fast food. Instead, proteins, carbs, and vitamins should form the bulk of your meal. Check out multipower whey protein review.

    This article will focus on exploring the best protein cocktails for users. We will explore protein powders, shakes, and another cheap source of protein for students.

    1. Orange and Coconut Shake

    You need to be active as you journey through college. This is why we recommend coconut and orange shake. It is one of the best protein shakes for beginners available at a budget. It is easy to make as all you need is crushed ice, crushed mango pulp, coconut water, and any type of yogurt.

    With the Best Blender For Protein Shakes, you can mix all these ingredients to form a smoothie. You can add honey to taste. Besides, you can refrigerate in the freezer and keep it for a couple of days. 

    1. Strawberry Energy Shake

    This protein shake is rich in essential nutrients that will keep you going to school. It is a cheap source of protein, as all you need are protein powder, water, ice, vanilla extract, and ten frozen strawberries.

    All you need to do is blend the entire ingredient and sip. It will power you for the activity during the day. 

    1. Banana and Almond Shake

    As students, you need a sufficient source of minerals, iron, and fat. This is a nutritious shake that will keep you healthy as you go through college. All you need is a ripe banana, a cup of almond milk, cottage cheese and almond butter.

    All you have to do is combine all the above and blend. You can add honey to boost the taste. You can also use almond butter instead of peanut butter.

    1. Almond Blast Cocktail

    If you are so busy at school that you hardly have time to eat, consider Almond blast cocktail. It is a cheap source of protein as everything you need is available at the grocery store.

    The ingredients for this are vanilla protein powder, raisins, skim milk, raisins, raw oat, slivered almonds, and peanut butter. When you get these ingredients, combine, and blend.

    1. Vanilla Coffee Cocktail

    This is a good alternative to sugar-filled coffee. If you are considering a protein powder on a budget, try this drink. With just three ingredients, you can make this simple protein shake and enjoy it in the morning before classes.

    The ingredients are fat-free milk, ice cream (coffee-flavored), and vanilla protein powder. With a blender, you combine all the ingredients, blend, and enjoy. 



    Protein intake, in the right amount, is primal to the health and wellbeing of students. We have considered various sources of protein that will keep you going as a student. These protein cocktails are within budget; hence they will not burn a hole in your pocket.

    Besides, you can consider making protein shakes and smoothies for your fellow students. With the money saved when you don’t pay for essays online, buy essential school items, and take care of other bills.