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Can A Massage Ease Work Related Stress?

    Massages have been practiced for thousands of years, and while the science behind why they work is still up for debate, many doctors recommend them. 


    Many people think that getting a massage will relieve emotional or physiological stress, such as back or neck pain. But does massage therapy work for work-related stress?


    Anecdotal evidence


    While there isn’t hard data to support the claim that massages work for relieving stress, many patients feel that they do. After getting a massage, your body releases natural chemicals called endorphins. 


    These are natural, mind-body feelings that you should be feeling all the time. And if you haven’t had a massage, you probably have some endorphins running through your body.


    Pain relief from poor, office induced posture




    But do massages work to relieve pain? The answer is a resounding yes. 


    Although some people do not find any beneficial results, the overwhelming majority of those receiving massages find increased serenity and reduced pain.


    While there isn’t hard scientific data to support this claim, you can find some more information about massage and other holistic things on websites such as Massage-Practice Ganz Gesund


    When sitting in an office environment, you can easily create a poor posture, which a massage can help with improving the soreness and correct any imbalances.


    For example, if you get a back massage, your muscles may become sore, but they also become more flexible. If you know that you get a massage to relieve tension in your shoulders, upper arms, or legs, you’ll find that the massage itself makes those areas less rigid.


    Stress relief, but not quite as you know it


    So does the massage itself affect the release of stress chemicals? Yes, but only partially. 


    The actual massage itself doesn’t change your brain’s reaction to stress. The real stress relief comes from a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and relaxation techniques such as yoga. 


    A good massage will help you learn how to control your breathing, which, in turn, allows you to manage your responses to stressful circumstances.


    How about chronic stress from work?


    Chronic stress can begin to harm your overall health, and massage can be beneficial but only when you combine them with other treatment options. It won’t be able to eliminate the source of your stress. 


    If you require to relieve yourself of tension, then you need to address the underlying problems.


    What are some of the more common massages? 


    Some of the most popular include the Swedish massage and the shiatsu. 


    Both of these techniques involve using smooth, long strokes on the back and shoulders. They also focus on kneading and tapping on specific areas of the body. There is typically a lot of pressure applied, but the therapist never puts pressure on a location for too long.


    As for the shiatsu massage, this technique involves several different movements supposed to balance the qi (pronounced chee) flow throughout your body. 


    The term for this particular technique is acupressure, and it was first developed in the Chinese medical culture and is often used to relieve tension and promote overall health. 


    Both the Swedish and shiatsu work to encourage proper breathing, relax your muscles, and allow qi flow throughout the body. When these three things are combined, it is believed that they can help to control and even eliminate stress.


    What if massage therapy is too expensive?


    There are now many different kinds of massage devices that you can purchase online and use in the comfort of your own home. 


    From simple handheld devices to full-blown massage chairs, the choices are numerous and at a price point for most people.



    In the end, to answer the question of whether or not massages work for stress is that it depends on the person. 


    For some people, getting their muscles stretched and moved around can help to relieve tension. On the other hand, others may hate the feeling. 


    However, if you have never had a massage and suffer from work related stress, you must take a closer look at the situation. 


    Take a look in your local community to see if any massage therapy sessions are being advertised and see if you can book an appointment.


    You should be clear about what you wish to get out of the massage and let them know of any stress or physical ailments you have. This will ensure that you get the right massage in the right areas of your body.