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HEPA Filters. Who? Why? When?

    The idea of air filtration can seem a little over the top for some people, a little sanitized even, but these people are maybe yet to consider some of the reasons that a HEPA filter could make all the difference to a diverse range of users. We don’t need to go into detail about how they use pressed glass fibers or anything like that but read on to find out more about the difference they could make. In order to make the case for HEPA filters, which can eliminate all bacteria from the air in a room, it’s important to consider the three questions in the title, who, why and when. So that’s what you can read about below.


    The short answer to this question is absolutely everyone. Here at Mio Super Health,  we’ve got health tips for everyone, and there isn’t a person on earth who wouldn’t benefit from cleaner air every now and then. You only have to walk around in a city center for a minute or two before you start to taste the engine fumes at the back of your throat. It’s the same the world over. The footage of commuters in Beijing wearing face masks, they could benefit from purer air at home or in the workplace, that’s for sure. Taxi drivers over in London, they could benefit too. When it comes to identifying who in particular could benefit from the use of a HEPA filter, your list can grow and grow. From surgeons looking for the most perfectly clinical conditions to kids growing up with asthma, there are a whole host of people who would benefit from using HEPA filters for at least some part of their everyday lives.


    This question is a little more complicated and there are some arguments that contradict the explanations. For instance, there are some people that believe that our over-sanitized society is at fault for weakening our immune systems, in much the same way that antibiotics are viewed as being overprescribed. They might argue that splashing in puddles and rolling around with the dogs never did them any harm, or that a career working in a refuse collection hasn’t killed them off just yet, and that’s fair enough. But whilst this may be true to some extent, it doesn’t ease the minds of parents with children who are prone to asthma attacks at any given moment, nor does it satisfy the open heart surgeon looking for perfection in his practice. Some tips on improving air quality indoors can be found here. Dirt can be good at times, and the use of HEPA filters isn’t an assault on getting dirty or a criticism of any particular industry or leisure time for that matter, it’s simply an option for people to consider if they are looking for cleaner air environments in certain parts of their lives. Clean and healthy environments in the home are key to a child’s development.


    Emphysema patients, and patients with other types of lung disease or breathing difficulties report that using HEPA filters in the evenings into the night time can significantly aid their sleep. This makes sense, as the easier your breathing is, the better night’s sleep you’re likely to have. Everyone knows what it’s like trying to go to bed when you’re full of a head cold, all bunged up and stuffy.

    So using a HEPA filter from the early evening through the night and into the morning could be a very good option for when to use it. Another answer to the question ‘when?’ could help a lot of bosses out in offices and factories the world over. Employees who feel comfortable n their work environments are always more productive, and so it follows that working in an environment where the air quality is as pure as it can be, should be conducive to a highly productive workforce. In this instance, it’s a bit of a no brainer.

    So that’s three questions answered around the reasons for using a HEPA filter. Sure, there are other, less expensive types of filter available, but you get what you pay for after all and in a world where we just can’t seem to escape pollution, can you really afford to put a price on breathing fresh air? If the who, why and when isn’t enough to make you want to try one for yourself, then you probably come from the school of thought where dirt is considered to be a good thing. No one is arguing with that in truth, but when it comes to harmful bacteria and throat itching spores, HEPA filters really are the best at finding and filtering.