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How Effective Are Testosterone Pellets? Here’s a Complete Guide

    Testosterone is a sex hormone that controls the development of sex organs and muscles. It is essential for male growth. During puberty, this hormone helps men develop male characteristics such as muscle strength, deep voice, and facial hair. For women, it comes at much lower levels.

    Testosterone levels increase during puberty and decrease after early adulthood. But can low testosterone affect humans? Men have different levels of testosterone. Those with low testosterone (Hypogonadism) can encounter low self-esteem, moodiness, weight gain, depression, weak bones, low sex drive, and less body hair. 

    Although the testosterone levels decreases as a man ages, other factors can lead to Hypogonadism. Treatment of cancer, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can make testosterone levels go down. Also, if you have testicle injuries, you can be a victim of Hypogonadism. 

    Nevertheless, having appropriate levels is essential during your old age and adulthood. But how can you increase testosterone production?

    Testosterone replacement therapy

    Although some ways can help you increase testosterone levels, it may take years to discover some changes. Testosterone replacement therapy is a quick way of treating low testosterone levels. There are a variety of ways to perform the Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Choosing one depends on your medical needs and lifestyle. 

    Using testosterone pellets are a great way to acquire long-term dosing. It is consistent. So, you will not need to administer the therapy daily. 

    What are testosterone pellets?

    Testosterone pellets are hormone replacement therapy which is implanted under the skin. They measure 3mm by 9 mm and contain crystallized testosterone. They release the hormone for 3 to 6 months. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) differs from others because of its consistent supplementation for up to 6 months without worrying about taking a dose of hormones. 

    Some TRT methods, such as gel and creams, come with a bad smell and you may require applying several times in a day to get better results. Although the patches may only need to be applied ones in a day, integrating them into your daily routine can be challenging. Injections can be an option for a large number of men. However, many people dislike needles. 

    These pellets will allow you to receive a consistent dose without encountering issues with the testosterone level fluctuation. In contrast, some forms of TRT leads to your testosterone levels increasing immediately and falling soon afterward. So, pellet therapy can make a big difference for you.

    Testosterone pellets implantation process

    Testosterone pellets work by increasing the level of testosterone for several months. The implantation process can take about 10 minutes if you choose the right practitioner.  You will not get stitches. So, you will not need bed rest to recover.  You will discover some improvements as the testosterone is released, and you will not need to change your daily chores due to implantation.

    Before you start the therapy, your physician will customize your plans by measuring your testosterone levels to determine whether it is necessary to enhance them.

    The dosage varies depending on the age and diagnosis of a particular person. 

    Many men will require less than 12 pellets. Each pellet is approximately the size of the rice grain, which measures 3mm by 9 mm. 

    The doctor starts by sterilizing the upper of the hip or buttock and injects lidocaine to numb the area. A small incision will be made, and tiny testosterone pellets are injected with a syringe. A bandage will be applied to the incision area for comfort.

    Do testosterone pellets work?

    There are many questions concerning the use of testosterone pellets.  How long will it be effective after the implantation? The implanted pellets take a while to start releasing hormones. However, you will start observing results within a few weeks. Changes in high energy levels, a stabilized mood, or increased libido are improvements you will encounter.

    The pellets work by releasing small amounts of testosterone directly into your blood, the same way your body would during your puberty age. Your doctor may advise you to test the level of your testosterone a few weeks after the implantation. This is to ensure that the therapy is working right for your body. Most men don’t require adjusting their dosage after implantation. However, if you feel that you want to experience a more energized mind and body, you can ask your physician to restart the process. For more information, click right here.

    What are the benefits of testosterone pellets?

    Testosterone replacement therapy is not a new health process.  Different countries such as the United States and Australia have been using it since 1938. Many doctors have discovered the effectiveness of this hormone replacement therapy. 

    Some foods and herbs can help to boost your testosterone levels naturally. However, they are not proven to be as effective as pellet hormones. The benefits of using this therapy method include:


    • High libido


    Libido varies among men. It decreases by the state, such as anxiety and other health conditions. The testosterone hormone is responsible for building muscles and bones to sperm production and sex drive. 

    By opting for Testosterone pellets therapy, you will experience more significant sexual activity. Older men encounter issues of low libido. Nevertheless, this can be due to other conditions rather than Hypogonadism. So, it is necessary to consult your physician before starting the therapy.

    Pellet implantation benefits your sexual health and performance. Men with normal sex drive don’t have to increase their testosterone as it will not help your libido. Instead, it can cause issues such as a decrease in sperm count, which can lead to infertility.


    • Strong bones


    Bones are essential structures in the body. They help in movement, making blood cells, and storing critical minerals into the body. Unfortunately, as people age, the body reabsorbs minerals from the bones instead of keeping them, making the bones weak (osteoporosis)

    Low bone density can lead to loss of bone strength and issues of bone fracture. Good news! The introduction of testosterone pellets leads to strong bones that support muscles and internal organs. This can boost your daily performance. The bone density increases as one uses testosterone treatment. As long as the dose is enough, you will gain the benefits of healthy bones.


    • Good verbal memory


    The like hood of losing verbal memory doubles as one reaches 65 years. This can be a result of low testosterone levels and can cause Alzheimer’s disease. However, the risk of this disease is not only for older people.

    People of around 40 years can be affected. Nevertheless, this should not worry you. Testosterone pellets therapy will help to boost the thinking abilities and faster processing speed. Research shows that men between 30-65 years have made improvements due to Testosterone pellets treatments.


    • Muscle mass


    Muscle weakness can be due to health conditions such as aging. As people age, the muscles tend to lose strength and become less. This process is frustrating as one cannot manage to perform their daily tasks. 

    Muscles are essential to overall health. They aid in movement and performing everyday tasks. They also help to boost the metabolism, immune system, increasing bone strength, and weight loss. Although exercise is essential in increasing muscle power and strength, Testosterone pellet implantation can significantly benefit. It helps in decreasing fat mass and boosting muscle strength. If you combine Testosterone pellets therapy and strength exercise, you will discover fantastic benefits.


    • Healthy heart


    Heart diseases occur when your heart muscles fail to pump blood correctly. Conditions such as high blood pressure and narrow arteries can lead to a weak heart. Do you know that a healthy heart will help to pump blood to the rest of your body? This process offers the muscles and other body organs with the oxygen needed to boost performance. With low Testosterone levels, chances of linking to a variety of cardiovascular risks are high. 

    But can the Testosterone pellet therapy help to reduce heart diseases? Although this pellet treatment can suit all genders, it is specifically designed for men. After the implantation, you can discover some improvements after a few months. It helps to widen your arteries, allowing proper blood flow.


    • Reduce health issues such as depression


    Depression is not part of aging. It is a mood disorder that causes a feeling of loss of interest. It can affect how you think or behave, and you may have trouble performing your daily activities. Symptoms of depression may include:

    • Insomnia
    • Lack of energy
    • Anxiety or restlessness
    • Self-blame
    • Frequent thoughts of death
    • Frustrations
    • Anger

    Depression might require long-term treatment. Low Testosterone levels are associated with depression. Thus, Testosterone pellets are essential to boost testosterone hormones. This treatment is an effective anti-depressant. It promotes mood and well-being and reduces fatigue and anxiety.

    What are the side effects of Testosterone pellets?

    In current days, Testosterone pellets are becoming more prominent. Using this treatment successfully involves having the right dose for the correct hormones in the body and getting the right physician’s process. Although there are many methods of balancing hormones, many men prefer the hormone pellets because they last for 3 to 6 months. 

    Some side effects can occur during the first dose. In this case, the dose needs to be changed. They can lead to symptoms such as:

    • Weight gain
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Increase or increase in sex drive
    • Anxiety
    • Headaches
    • Serious allergic reaction
    • Acne
    • Mood swings
    • Breast tenderness

    Both men and women experience side effects. They encounter acne, irritability, and aggressiveness during Testosterone pellets therapy.  Some women face issues of breast tenderness, cramping, bloating, or spotting. If you use excess dosage, you are at a high risk of issues such as:


    • Prostate cancer


    Prostate cancer can harm your body. It can lead to the removal of the prostate, causing infertility. Radiation therapy around your pelvic region can cause infertility as well. If you are concerned about infertility, you can consult your physician about other alternatives, such as freezing the sperms before the treatment.


    • Heart diseases


    Heart diseases can affect the functionality of your heart. It can lead to blood vessels and coronary artery diseases, which can hinder blood flow. They can also cause symptoms such as swelling of the legs and abdominal area, pale gray skin color, and shortness of breathing. 

    Thus, you need to ensure that you get the right dosage. A great way to achieve this is by ensuring that you choose an experienced and skilled doctor for the Testosterone pellets implantation.

    Does the insurance cover the testosterone pellet therapy?

    Testosterone pellet therapy is a convenient and effective treatment and is superior to other therapies. It is a hormonal treatment that has been proven by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is specifically designed to treat Hypogonadism in adult males. Men have chances of their Testosterone pellets therapy being insured long before the next pellets are inserted. 

    Wrap up

    Over the past few years, Testosterone pellets therapy has helped thousands of people to optimize their hormones. The hormones are inserted into the male skin in the pellet form. Within 2-6 weeks, you may begin to feel the therapeutic benefits. 

    This treatment helps relieve symptoms such as decreased sexual performance, weight gain, depression, lack of sleep, and weight gain.

    The most significant benefit of pellet treatment is that you will only be required to engage in the procedure 4 times a year. The pellets can last for 90 days without being completely absorbed. If you have low testosterone levels, considering the pellet treatment is ideal for your body. The doctor makes a small incision and inserts the right dosage into your body. 

    Nevertheless, like any other surgical treatment, pellet implantation can cause irritation and infection around the insertion area. If side effects occur, the doctor can make some adjustments to the dosage. But you must wait until the pellets are completely absorbed for the medical team to higher or lower the dose. 

    With more information about the testosterone pellets, you can consult your physician to know if the therapy can fit your body. After measuring the hormone levels, your doctor will tell the right dosage to use. Remember, this therapy does not only come with benefits. It has side effects, which can become severe if immediate attention is not implemented.