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How Many Years Does CoolSculpting Last?

    Coolsculpting is the rising star of cosmetic procedures at the moment, with many people around the world opting to go to a clinic that offers this treatment.


    What exactly is coolsculpting? How does it work, and is it permanent?


    These are common questions that are asked about this procedure, read on to find out more.


    What Exactly Is CoolSculpting, and How Does It Work?

    Coolsculpting is a form of fat removal. It is a non-invasive, and non-surgical procedure that does not require any kind of anesthesia or analgesia.


    The procedure has no real recovery time, and you would not need any particular after care.


    Coolsculpting works by killing fat with cold temperatures, a procedure known as cryolipolysis. The fat is then removed from the body by the body’s natural detox system, via the liver and kidneys and lymphatic drainage system.


    A session of coolsculpting involved having the area to be treated placed in between two metal plates, and the temperature is then reduced to a freezing temperature that kills the fat cells, without harming any other tissue in the area.


    Treating each area takes approximately an hour, although this of course, can be longer or shorter depending on the area to be treated.


    You will generally see about a 25% reduction in fat in the area that is being treated, however it is important to realise that you will not see instant results. 


    The results can take several weeks to up to six weeks to reach their final stage, so it is not a quick fix.


    How Long Do The Results Last For?

    Well cryolipolysis is literally the killing of fat cells, this means that those fat cells can never return, as they have been killed and removed from the body.


    However, should you gain weight, then your body may well lay down excess fat in that area again, if that is an area that is prone to weight gain. 


    However, if you keep your weight stable, then fat will not return to that area.


    However, coolsculpting is really suitable for people who have already reduced their body fat through diet and exercise, and are having trouble getting fat to move from specific areas of the body.


    The areas that are ideal for targeting with coolsculpting are the lower back, belly, thighs, upper arms, buttocks and under the chin.


    Coolsculpting is not a treatment for obesity, and nor is it suitable for removing large areas of body fat, liposuction might be more suitable in these cases.


    A good coolsculpting practice will be able to do a consultation with you, and let you know if it is suitable for you, and discuss the results you can expect to achieve.


    Are There Any Side Effects?

    Coolsculpting is a fairly safe procedure, with minimal side effects, however there are some risks to be aware of.


    There are certain medical conditions that exclude people with them for being able to have a coolsculpting treatment, however the clinician at the clinic will go through your full medical history, and will let you know if you are suitable or not.


    If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then you should not have a coolsculpting treatment.


    The most common side effects to be aware of are redness ., skin sensitivity or bruising at the treatment site, which normally goes within a few days.


    Skin tingling, or loss of sensation has also been reported at the site of the treatment, but this usually fully returns within two weeks.


    The other, very rare side effect to be aware of, is that in some cases, less than 1%, there can in fact be an increase of fat cells at the treatment site.


    It’s unclear why this happens, and it seems to affect men more than women, but again, it’s not known why.


    Patients that suffer with this side effect will usually have to have liposuction to remove the excess fat.


    If you are interested in coolsculpting, then it is important to find a licenced, registered clinic with experienced clinicians.


    Have a thorough consultation beforehand, and make sure you and your doctor agree on what you want to achieve and what is actually achievable. You should also be aware of all the risks.


    Coolsculpting is only going to get more popular, as it is a fairly quick procedure, and is even more loved for being non-invasive, and non-surgical meaning a hospital stay is not necessary and you can go home immediately afterwards.


    Always search for a reputable clinic, and make sure they have the proper experience, and insurance.