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How to Spot Fake Supplement?

    Every person has specific daily needs for nutrients. The body needs them to grow, develop, and perform vital functions. The required amount of nutrients depends on factors like age, weight, health condition, gender, and so on. How aging affects your nutritional needs, find out on this website.

    When your body is exposed to more effort (due to work, exercise, or illness), its need for nutrients rises. Daily food intake is the primary source of these substances. Yet, sometimes it is impossible to ingest naturally everything you need. The purpose of dietary supplements is to compensate for the lack of essential food components.

    It is essential to know that these preparations are not a substitute for nutrients from food. They can’t replace food intake. They are ‘just’ concentrates that contain larger amounts of nutrients from fruits, veggies, meats, and all other ingredients you should eat daily. Check out 310 shake vs shakeology.

    Anyone can take supplements (with prior consultation with a doctor). They are mostly consumed by athletes, physically active people, and patients in the recovery phase. Only original products can give you the best results. The intake of fake preparation can endanger your health.

    The Importance of Genuine Supplements

    The fact is that a large number of copies are on the market. You can find many of them even in large retail chains or popular e-commerce platforms. They are available to everyone. Not all of them are illegal; some of them are just not what they advertise. But for ensuring the best (and safest) results, these products should not be on your shopping list. Click here to check our review of two great supplements: 310 vs isagenix.

    At best, harmless but useless things can be found in supplements counterfeits. That means you don’t get what you want for your money. These scams are most common in weight loss products, but also with those preparations sold as libido enhancers. Apart from wasting money, there is no other damage.

    Supplement copies that contain toxic substances or ingredients not tested for human use pose a significant risk to you. Such mixtures are not legal to sell, so they are often falsely advertised. If you are suspicious about some new, no-branded supplement, it’s better to avoid it. 

    You should always look for only original products of renowned companies. When you opt for purchase, make it only from verified sources. These days, the ‘art’ of making fake products has been brought almost to perfection. Sometimes it is challenging to recognize false supplements, even to a trained eye.

    Check the Origin

    When it comes to your health, you have to be a detective to find an original and quality dietary supplement. It means that you need to ‘track down’ the manufacturer and the country of origin of the product. 

    In some parts of the world, there is a lot of pollution; other locations are ”enriched” with heavy metals and toxins. If you don’t want these things to end up in your body, skip products from countries marked as ‘risky.’

    As seen on, brand research is a must. If you can’t find information about the manufacturer, the location of the company, or any contact, it’s most likely a counterfeit made in an underground lab. This method of production is dangerous in itself, let alone what can be found in these preparations.

    Don’t Believe Pompous Ads

    ‘Special offers,’ ‘amazing sales,’ and prices well below average for a particular supplement are red alarm. Reputable companies invest significant assets in the production, testing, and branding of their products. That’s why they won’t sell them for the bargain. Their business will fail in no time; no serious brand wants that.

    The use of supplements cannot replace adequate nutrition, so products that are advertised in this way should be avoided. Also, they are not drugs and should not be presented as a ‘cure-all’ remedy. No trustworthy company would try to deceive its customers in this way. Only scammers do that.

    Check Package and Labels

    When you order any product online, there is a higher chance that you will be deceived and buy a fake product. You can’t see, touch, and read the labels on the packaging. That is why it takes a lot of caution to buy supplements online.

    In brick-and-mortar stores, you can always check the goods before paying for them. Before you go shopping, arm yourself with knowledge from supplement reviews or specialized forums and blogs. That way, you will know what to look for when you see a product live.

    Check the price first. If it fits the average for that supplement, continue ‘testing.’ Inspect the box and look for the LOT number, production dates, and expiration dates. Take a good look at whether they are printed with the rest of the package. Scammers often do this because it is cheaper than to stamp every box individually.

    Do the Seal Test

    Trustworthy supplement manufacturers pay attention to every aspect of their product. It means that the packaging will be of good quality, with both inner and outer seal. If one of them is missing, the content of that package is not safe to use.

    Pay attention to what these seals look like. In original supplements, they are well-hatched to the packaging, so that you hardly notice them. If they look sloppy, have tears below them, or the holograms are poorly printed, it is most likely a copy.

    The inner seals should be evenly attached to the openings of the containers. Take a look at stamps on them – they should represent the manufacturer’s logo. On the packages of fake products, you can often notice grammatical or printing errors. Take some time to study the packaging, seals, and labels in detail. Things like typos or poor printing rarely happen to proven supplement brands.

    When there are no strict regulations for certain products, many copies and substandard products appear on the shelves. It is up to you to skip them and focus solely on buying original and professionally-graded supplements. Such products are safe to use because they meet certain standards and have passed all the necessary tests.