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How To Use Crystals To Reduce Anxiety

    Anxiety and stress can release harmful toxins into your system so it’s no wonder that your health would suffer when you are stressed out. And in this modern world, we are bombarded by factors that cause anxiety every day. We worry about relationships, money, and our health.

    Now, more than ever, we need to find any solution to the problem of a growing epidemic of anxiety sufferers. There are a lot of medications that can supposedly get rid of anxiety but the side effects can be quite serious. Natural remedies are recommended in many cases to get rid of anxiety. 

    In this article, we will go over how you can use crystals as a form of natural therapy to help reduce or eliminate your anxiety so you never need to take any drugs for it.

    How do they work?

    Everything on this planet has a vibration. A sort of frequency that happens within it. People are no exception. We all have our personal frequency which regulates us. Crystals also have a frequency that is very powerful due to the forces that created them. When you find a crystal that operates on the same frequency as us, it can help balance us.

    When you get a crystal from Crystal Viden or some other source, you could end up finding the crystal that matches your frequency perfectly and helps align your chakra. When this occurs, you will find your mind is at peace and your anxiety disappears. 

    Make a connection

    Just having a crystal in your purse won’t elevate your frequency or clear your mind. It takes a connection to the crystal for that to happen. You need to find a way to activate its vibrations in a way that will work within you as well. Just being in its presence won’t have that effect.

    You need to find some ways to make a deeper connection with it. For instance, when you have the crystal that you think is on the same frequency then hold it in your hand for some time. Try to clear your mind by doing some meditation while holding it.

    Make a note of how you feel while you are holding it in your hand. Write it down after you’ve meditated. Do this every day for at least two weeks and then check your notes at the end. You will see some familiarities with regards to how you felt while holding the crystal. This is where your connection lies. 

    Find your grounding crystal

    To get rid of your anxiety you have to get grounded and realign your chakra. The right crystal will help you do this so it is important to find the right one. This can be highly personal but there are a few popular crystals that have been found to help people with anxiety. 

    Since you are looking for grounding, pick crystals like smoky quartz, red jasper, agate, black tourmaline, and haematite. These crystals are gentle and yet, very good agents for grounding that will help slow your heart rate by raising your frequency.