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How to Use Spiritual Jewelry for Healing and Positive Energies

    Harnessing the natural powers of the earth has been one of humankind’s preoccupations since ancient times. Generations of humans have done this in various ways. One such method is utilizing the healing energies and properties of individual gemstones such as black obsidian. Through the centuries, such crystals or stones have been part of various religious, esoteric, or mythical rituals and practices. The stones have also found their way into the daily life of royals and commoners alike. One such evidence is how these gemstones have been turned into jewelry. 

    Today, the practice of setting gemstones as necklace pendants, rings, The Bracelets, and other types of personal ornaments continues, now being classified as spiritual jewelry. The Bracelets Then and now, people believe that different types of spiritual jewelry harness healing energies. For example, hematite meaning is pegged as something that promotes better blood circulation since its red pigment properties have high iron content. Thus, healthy blood circulation leads to lowering blood pressure, dissolving blood clots, and absorbing nutrients fully into your system. 

    In addition, physical healing properties can also come with mental and emotional healing. Let’s take a closer look at how spiritual jewelry can be used for healing and positive energies. 

    • Jewelry For Personal Wellbeing

    Spiritual jewelry can be worn primarily for beautification purposes. While wearing the jewelry, though, you also benefit from its healing properties. For example, when you wear hematite while experiencing menstrual period symptoms, the blood-red pigment can soothe the pains by facilitating efficient blood circulation. If you struggle with high blood pressure, wearing a piece of hematite jewelry can make you feel beautiful and confident while regulating your blood pressure levels. 

    In addition, if you’re an empath, you’re always at risk of absorbing negative energies, thoughts, and moods from others. It will be extremely emotionally draining and can cause mental fatigue because you absorb other people’s energies and bear them with your own. Spiritual jewelry could enhance vibrational healing and help raise your vibrations for better coping.

    • As Home Protectors

    If you don’t wish to wear jewelry or decide to remove it, you can use the necklace types as home protectors. You can hang them on doors to ward off any negative energies or bad vibes. For instance, hanging hematite up means the minute you walk into your house, the negative energies you may have absorbed throughout the day could be alleviated. 

    The hanging hematite could also ward off any possible negative energies from entering while you were away, meaning your home will be surrounded by positivity. Others prefer to hang their spiritual jewelry on the window sill for the same effect. 

    You can alternatively place spiritual jewelry under your pillow when you go to bed. It could protect you from night terrors and dark energies that might disturb your peace. 

    • For Office Protection

    If you spend more time in the office than at home, you can enjoy being productive in your workspace by including spiritual jewelry as part of your office decor. In an environment where you mix with different energies throughout the day, you may need protection from negative vibes. 

    Having hematite in your office, for example, can create a space of positivity around you and protect you from such negativity. Hematite could also enhance a conducive work environment for you, so you’ll have better focus and clarity. Its self-confidence boosting properties could also be efficient for you, especially if you struggle with work-related issues such as being overly assertive, a people pleaser, or doubting your abilities. 

    • As Travel Charms 

    The protective properties of gemstones used in spiritual jewelry could serve as travel protection charms and prevent accidents on the road. You can hang spiritual jewelry on your car’s rearview mirror to help you focus while driving. Also, having the jewelry as you travel means that you can be protected from negative energies that may exist in the areas you’re passing through, or from negative energies that may have entered your car. 


    Spiritual jewelry is appreciated for its many possible physical healing and positive energies while also tackling mental and emotional imbalance by creating better energy spaces. Having a combination of various gemstones could indeed enhance specific healing and positive energies.

    You can use spiritual jewelry in various ways that you find convenient and suit your intention. You can wear them as fashion accessories while reaping their possible healing benefits, or place them in your home, office, or car. There’s no universal way to use them, and you can use a combination of these methods to harness the jewelry’s protective purpose.