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Popular Sneakers for Fitness Enthusiasts

    Discover the best sneakers for every type of fitness activity from weightlifting to Crossfit to long distance running. Traditionally, we don’t give much consideration to our footwear when exercising. The same old pair of trainers would suffice whether we were lifting weights, doing plyometrics or running a marathon. Fortunately, we are now wiser at working out as we’ve come to understand just how important choosing the right footwear for the task at hand really is. In this article, we identify the most popular sneakers for fitness enthusiasts in the categories of weight lifting, general fitness and running.

    The Most Popular Weightlifting Shoe

    Adidas Men’s Powerlift 3.1 


    Whether you are deadlifting, squatting or doing an overhead press, you need to have a stable base to push from. The Adidas Men’s Powerlift 3.1 Crosstrainer has been built with heavy weight training in mind. It features an extra wide base to deliver maximum floor contact. It also allows for strong lockdown with a secure midfoot strap and provides solid ankle support. 


    Despite its strong support level, this is not a heavy shoe, weighing in at just 2.45 pounds. The open forefoot structure of the shoe allows for ease of toe movement so you don’t feel constricted when lifting.This shoe also features a high-density die-cut wedge to provide maximum stability. 


    The Adidias Men’s Powerlift 3.1 is a highly breathable shoe thanks to the air mesh collar, tongue and lining. The combination of comfort, style and functionality make this a superior weightlifting shoe. 

    The Most Popular General Workout Shoe

    Nike Air Max 270


    Nike 270s are a throwback to the classic 1991 Airmax 180. They are among the lightest runners that you will come across, while also providing the support you need on the gym floor. You get a good deal of heel and midsole cushioning to lessen your impact while running. They also deliver the highest level of Max lift of any Nike shoe. You probably won’t want to squat in these shoes as the cushioning will not provide enough support to push through the heel on the lift.


    This is a snug fitting shoe that features a neoprene stretch construction. It has a 3-piece midsole that feels great to slip into. The high comfort level and swish look make this a great shoe to wear from the gym onto the street. That makes this a great shoe for all-day wear. 

    The Most Popular Running Shoe

    Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper


    You know a running shoe is a winner when it doesn’t get updated every year. That’s because it is so well received by the public that it doesn’t require any changes. The Skechers GOrun Razor 3 Hyper certainly comes into that category. A key point of difference with this runner is its unique patented middle technology, which is known as Hyperburst. It is made of EVA foam that has been infused with heated C02 to expand the EVA block.


    The Razor 3 is an extremely lightweight shoe that provides firm underfoot foam inserts that effectively lesen the ground impact. Rubber webbing in the sole ensures maximum ground traction. The upper portion of the shoe is extremely lightweight and breathable. This shoe provides a relatively soft forefoot for enhanced comfort around the toes. 

    You get plenty of lockdown on this shoe thanks to the midfoot overlays. This is especially noticeable when taking corners at maximum speed.


    Taking your training footwear seriously will have a major payoff both in terms of  workout performance and injury prevention. We hope that our reviews of the most popular workout shoes across the key workout areas helps guide you to the right shoe for your workout.