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Swing into Action! 7 Golf Tournament Ideas Guaranteed to Be a Hit

    Golf tournament fundraisers bring out the serious golfers alongside those golfers that hit the links only a few times a year. The challenge is to create a fun event for every type of golfer and to raise lots of money for your cause at the same time. 

    Set up a tournament that goes beyond just a round of golf. Use these seven ways for both the serious golfer and the fair weather golfer to play and have a fun day together. 

    Integrate some of these golf tournament ideas into your tournament for a sure-fire successful tournament day.

    1. Putting Contest

    Start off your event with a fun golf tournament game. Set up a simple putting tournament on the putting green, but add a twist. Take away the regular putter and have  them take their putt with an alternate “club.”  You can use a croquet mallet, a tennis racket, a field hockey stick or a whiffle bat. 

    Award some prizes and give some recognition before your golfers even hit the course. Start your golf tournament fundraiser with people having some fun. They will be open to spending more money on other events out on the course. 

    2. Pink Ball Contest

    The pink ball brings some team spirit to your golf event. Each foursome buys a pink ball for the tournament. Players in the foursome rotate using the pink ball by the hole.

    The score for each hole that is recorded is based on the person using the pink ball. In the end, the team with the lowest pink ball score wins.

    Another version is to give a prize to the team that can hold onto the pink ball the longest without losing it.

    3. Beat the Pro/Hire the Pro

    If you can get the course pro on board, this is a great fundraising opportunity. Station the pro at a hole.

    Golfers can bet to beat the pro’s drive. If they win, they keep the money. If the pro drives further, the charity keeps the money. 

    Another version with this event is to station the pro at a hole. Then golfers can “hire” the pro to take a shot for them. All of the pros earnings could go to the event’s fundraising total.

    4. Best Shot Contests

    Get the trophies plus medals lined up and work in some contests into your golf tournament. Everybody loves getting some recognition for a great shot.

    Contest ideas might include:

    Longest drive

    Longest Putt

    Closest to the pin

    You might have a little fun and even do the longest marshmallow drive. 

    5. Mulligan Packages

     Let’s face golfers are competitive. And if you are a golfer, you have had a shot you wish you could do over again. Why not make it part of the tournament by selling mulligan shots.

    You could give every golfer one mulligan shot as part of their package for the tournament. Even better you can sell mulligan packages which allow golfers to take an extra shot (or two or three) while they are playing in the tournament. Make it fun, instead of stressful for the golfers and make money at the same time.

    6. Flamingo Hole

    Surprise them on a hole towards the back of the course. They have been playing for a while and will be ready for some fun.

    Designate a hole as the Pink Flamingo Hole. When golfers arrive at the tee, have an assortment of plastic pink flamingos greet them. On this hole, they must tee off standing like a flamingo. 

    Take some photographs to share in the clubhouse later. You could even vote for the golfer who has the best flamingo pose.

    7. Hole in One Contest

    For fundraising purposes, golfers can buy the chance to shoot for a hole in one. You might get a sponsor who is willing to donate a cash prize or big ticket item as the prize.

    Golfers can either automatically get one shot for the hole in one. Or you can sell tickets for the shot to make the hole in one. This is a great add-on hole at a par 3 as the golfers are heading out onto the course. 

    Golf Tournament Ideas for the Win

     Are you in charge of planning the golf tournament for your organization? Add one (or more) of these golf tournament ideas to make it a day where the golfers are not only having fun but also donating generously to your charitable cause. 

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