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Tips on How to Strengthen Weak Hair

    A strong, shiny, and easy to manage hair is the ultimate goal for everybody. However, it can be challenging to reach these hair goals. Most people often have to handle different hair issues that hinder them from healthy and strong hair. 


    Genes usually play a significant role in the volume, strength, and type of your hair. That doesn’t mean you are robbed of the chance to improve the quality, strength, and volume of your hair.


    This article shall discuss the most useful tips you can take to strengthen your weak hair, boost hair growth, and improve your hair’s look, feel, and general health.


    Let’s dive right in.


    Boost Your Vitamin, Iron, and Zinc Intake

    Like the rest of the body parts, your hair also needs specific hair vitamins and minerals to maintain good health and remain healthy. Some instances of hair loss have also been linked to nutritional deficiencies. 


    The essential vitamins and minerals for your hair include;


    • Vitamin A: mostly found in eggs, yogurt, milk, spinach, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. 
    • B Vitamins: the essential B vitamins for your hair’s health is biotin, which is found in nuts and seeds, egg yolk, liver, salmon, avocados, and dairy products.
    • Vitamin C: readily available sources include bell peppers, strawberries, citrus fruits, etc.
    • Vitamin D: sources include orange juice, fatty fish, egg yolk, and milk.
    • Vitamin E: the best readily available references include avocados, sunflower seeds, almonds, and spinach.
    • Iron: mostly found in eggs, red meat, lentils, spinach, oysters, clams, etc.
    • Zinc: readily available sources include pumpkin seeds, lentils, oysters, beef, and many more.


    If you face challenges in getting the required nutrients from your diet, you can consider using a multivitamin with these vitamins and minerals. However, you should consult your health provider before you take any supplements. Vitamins such as biotin can affect lab test results, for instance, tests to detect a heart attack.


    Regulate the Heat

    Most heated hair styling tools such as hot curlers, straightening irons, and blow dryers can pose adverse effects on your hair.


    To control the damage caused by hair drying, all you should do is hold the blow dryer around six inches away from your skin surface. You also need to ensure that the dryer is continuously moving and not concentrated on a particular spot.


    Remember, for maximum efficiency; you should limit your heated hair styling sessions as well as blow-drying escapades to a maximum of three times a week. This gives your hair adequate to heal from any skin damage suffered during the subsequent hair styling sessions.


    Massage Your Scalp

    Stimulating the blood circulation rate in your scalp can help you improve your scalp’s health and general condition.


    Taking up to less than five minutes every day to get that refreshing scalp massage goes a long way in increasing the thickness of your hair. That’s not all; this practice also helps strengthen your hair over time.


    To effectively massage your scalp, you can apply pressure in circular motions using your fingertips for a few minutes. You can massage your scalp when your hair is dry or when it’s still wet before you apply shampoo. Alternatively, you can buy a scalp massager.


    Use a Hair Mask

    The egg yolk comprises the same proteins that help develop a healthy hair follicle. This explains why the egg yolk peptides can help stimulate hair growth and improve general hair health. 


    Egg yolk also comprises several essential nutrients that have proved to boost hair growth and improve your hair’s health. These nutrients are; biotin, vitamin D, vitamin A, and folate.


    You can follow these simple steps to make your egg yolk mask;

    • Use three egg yolks and three tablespoons of warm coconut milk.
    • Thoroughly mix the two supplements.
    • After the mixture is finely blended, you can now apply it to your scalp and the roots of your hair.
    • Once you have used the mixture, make sure to cover your head. 
    • Let the mask settle on your head for around 15 minutes.
    • Wash your hair with cool water to rinse the cover off.


    Final Thoughts


    Getting strong, fair, and healthy hair requires you to work on so many areas. Although minimizing overwashing and heat damage is essential, what nutrients you give to your body counts as well. To strengthen weak hair, boost your hair and scalp’s health, you need to eat a balanced diet that comprises a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and different sources of protein. If you establish that your hair is becoming prone to breakage or losing hair expected, always consult your doctor for further directions.