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    A fatty arm is a condition that affects the overall looks of a person. This is an issue that both men and women suffer. You may have also seen many people who have a lean structure but fatty arms destroy their whole look. Have you wondered what causes this condition? Here are some of the details that will help you have a better idea about this condition and tips to help you fight this problem.


    Usually, the arm fat accumulates due to the excessive fat in the arm. It is easy to shed fat deposition from the other parts of body but arm fat is difficult. So it is the gradual deposition of the fats that cause flabby arms. The growing age is another factor that contributes to arm fat. After the age of 20’s our body tends to store more fat and then the fat accumulation becomes more than the actual lean muscles there and you get flabby arms as a result. Another reason why you need to lookout for how to lose arm fat fast is because of the decreased metabolism rate. The metabolism decreases with growing age and this result in burning fewer calories. Another common problem that most people face is the lack of physical activity and less exercises.

    If you are suffering from this problem, then here are some of the top tips that will help you to lose arm fat in quick succession.


    This exercise will help you get some really toned arms as you work on your triceps. This exercise is really easy to perform at home with just a 2 feet high chair or a desk. It is your whole body weight that will work on your triceps and will help you tone it in a desired level. It is a very easy exercise for you to perform and all you need to do is to place your chair and desk in a stable position. Keep at least 3 feet of distance and stand in front of the chair. Place your hand on chair or desk and turn your back; your hands should be shoulder width apart from each other. Move forward 3 to 4 steps away from your desk, bend your knees and straighten your upper body. Now bend the lower body as you go down to the ground. Come back to the normal position and perform at least 3 sets of the repetitions of 20s to effectively lose arm fat.


    Skipping is definitely an exercise that will help you lose arm fat fast. Most of all skipping is inexpensive and is also the best cardio exercise. It helps you give toned arms and sleek feet and also helps you sweat out your fat. Skipping helps you lose your arm fats because you move your arms in circular motion and lift up your body at the same time. This helps you to increase activity in your arms. As you start skipping you need to make sure that you count in seconds and not the repetitions in order to be more effective.


    Stretching is also a good exercise for health as you are able to keep yourself active. Make sure that you do not always wait for evening or morning to do your stretches. Stretching helps you tone the arm muscles and bring them back in shape. The best thing is that you can do it at anytime whether it is office, post office, or in leisure. Here is what you can do:

    • Hold both of your palms together behind your lower spine and interlock your fingers. Stretch both of your arms towards back so that your chest can come forward. This exercise is also beneficial to relieve your back stress.
    • Interlock both the fingers behind your back and stretch your arms up. During this process you need to make sure that your elbow is behind your head. Now bend your neck for a few seconds and then repeat the same thing for seconds and keep the arms stretched and straight at the same time.


    As you start to find perfect resolution on how to lose arm fat fast you should realize the importance of rotating your wrist on time. The rotation of wrists also affects your shoulders and arm fats which are plumpest areas. Hold at least one to two dumbbells in your hands and stand up. The gap between your feet should be as much as your shoulder. Extend both your hands forward and keep them firm. Now rotate your wrists outward and inwards as much as possible. This will help you to tone your arm muscles.


    This is the time to become like a kid. Well, not literally but do you remember that time of life when you used to lift up your body and do pull up as a kid in the park. You will just need to follow the same process here. Hold a strong rod that can bear your weight and grasp it firmly as you lift yourself up. As you go up you need to hold yourself up to the same position for a few seconds and let all the strain come on your arms. Try to do a repetition of 20 and after a break of 2 minutes do another set. If you are doing this for the first time then try and do as much as possible and then slowly increase the amount of pull ups you can do.

    You can find more information about how to lose arm fat at The Fit Indian website.

    Yes, it is possible to lose arm weight but you need to make sure that you follow all the above and other exercises that will help you loosen your fat. You need to do your exercises meticulously so that you can experience good results in a long term. Enjoy the overall process so that you can get efficient results and have fun at the same time.