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What Are The Benefits Of Learning About Your Past Life

    Curiosity about reincarnation is common among those who seek spiritual enlightenment or want to explore psychotherapy or hypnotherapy. Past life regression is a method of using hypnosis to discover repressed memories of past lives or incarnations. Although this practice is generally discredited by medical and clinical professionals as non-scientific, some advocates believe that this is a means to guide spiritual awakenings and journeys.

    What Is Past Life Regression

    Practitioners of past life regression, including some psychologists, psychiatrists, and hypnotherapists, believe and claim that accessing memories of unknown histories and past identities can bring unresolved issues to conscious awareness. ‘Cryptomnesia’ is the term used for narratives and memories that come from the unconscious mind and are elicited by questions and prompts during hypnosis.

    There are many cultural beliefs in spiritual dimensions and the human ability to access historical data of past lives through the right mediums. The Akashic Records is a metaphysical guide or history of the soul, which some believe can help people understand the spiritual essence of their past, present, and future lives. Conducting spiritual exploration of past lives is considered by some to be therapeutic for mental and emotional health, and an effective method of soul-searching.

    An Akashic Records reading doesn’t require a psychic to be present or to facilitate the process; it can be accessed by anyone who has the desire to channel their spirituality. Advocates believe that this experience can enrich your spirituality with deep healing, closure on the past, and connectivity between the mind, body, and soul. It can contextualize your present life and provide an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be someone else. This form of disassociation may enable psychotherapeutic experiences on a deeper subconscious level.

    Benefits Of Past Life Regression

    To break down the potential benefits even further, here are some therapeutic reasons behind exploring past life regression:

    • Releasing Fears And Anxiety

    Fears and phobias are common to many people, and they can be problematic for a lifetime if they aren’t confronted. Self-exploration through spiritual practices can help you better understand your fears by exposing them through hypnotherapy. You can find healthy ways of coping with fear and anxiety by exploring your spiritual side and deepening your self-awareness. Being in hypnosis is conducive to a passive and calm state of mind, which means you should feel safe and secure to explore other realms of consciousness, and learn about the roots of your anxiety.

    • Understanding Relationships

    Struggling with relationships is something that most people deal with at some point or several points in their lifetimes. It’s understandable to want to understand the nature of these struggles with family members and loved ones, and figure out how to resolve them. Having an open mindset about who you might have been in a past life and how that has shaped who you are now can shed some perspective on troubled relationships and how to manage them.

    • Discovering Repressed Memories And Traumas

    Many people have difficulty revisiting painful memories or try to forget them altogether. Even professional psychotherapists might agree that these have a way of lingering in subconscious thoughts and resurfacing unexpectedly or at inopportune times. People have different ways of processing traumatic events and feelings, and may experience a sense of closure or relief if the memories of these are exposed in a controlled, therapeutic setting. This process is part of emotional healing and confronting the past to make peace with it, and can be a part of the past life exploration experience through deep meditation or hypnosis. Check these online psychic readings featured in Peninsula Daily News.

    • Releasing Physical And Emotional Toxicity

    Along the same lines as letting go of unhappy memories and troubling fears, the spiritual journey of learning about the past can become a conduit for pent-up energy that’s been held in for a long time. Negative emotions can get trapped inside the body and manifest into somatic symptoms that indicate internal toxicity. Stress, for example, can build up and cause physical pain, such as headaches and digestive issues. Some people may find that spiritual exploration through meditation and self-discovery can help them release the pressure and have more space for neutral and positive emotions.

    • Interpreting Dreams

    If you’ve ever experienced recurring dreams and wondered about their significance, you might be interested in learning about your history and past lives to gain some spiritual insight. Interpreting dreams, good or bad, can help satisfy curiosity and concerns about the subconscious mind. Spiritual exploration of your past life might provide answers as to why you dream about certain things, and what can be learned from them that’s applicable to your present life.  

    • Understanding The Transition Between Life And Death

    This can also be used as a form of bereavement therapy for those who are grieving a personal loss or preoccupied with dying. If you struggle with grief or have fear and uncertainty about death, you could find peace of mind by regressing to time before your birth or what could await after death. According to the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard: “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”  Tapping into your own conceptions of life before and after death can be spiritually introspective. Meditation on this can help you overcome mental barriers to accepting and understanding death as a natural transition from one life to another. 


    While it may be considered unconventional by more traditional or scientific standards, learning about incarnation through hypnotherapy, meditation, prayer, and other known methods can be an interesting and healing spiritual experience that may broaden your perspective on life (and death). It can help awaken parts of your subconscious mind that have been dormant or overlooked, and trigger existential awareness and curiosity.

    The experience itself depends on the person partaking in the process, their intentions for learning about their past life, and their willingness to be open-minded about the concept of reincarnation. For some, there’s therapeutic value to be found in believing in a fore and after life, and that there’s more spiritual depth to the world than how it’s scientifically perceived.