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What kind of collagen is better to take?

    Youth is a perishable commodity, but stubborn humanity refuses to put up with it. And now, when science has entered the battle, it is possible, if not to win, then to postpone the inevitable aging for a significant period.

    One of the tools that help to preserve youth is collagen. It is a connective protein that supports skin tone, the normal condition of cartilage, ligaments, and joints. In other words, it is responsible for the most obvious signs of youth: a toned oval face, light gait, and good posture.

    To preserve the skin’s freshness, you can get collagen from products or take it in the form of capsules, best collagen powder, or solution, but it is better to combine both of these methods.

    Why do we need collagen for the body?

    It makes no sense to explain the importance of protein for health to the current audience. Connective tissue supports bones and internal organs, support, and protection for the skin, and the basis for its formation is the protein collagen.

    At the moment, scientists have identified and described as many as 28 types of collagen, but for the average person, only a few of them are interesting:

    • bone and tendon protein (type 1);
    • cartilage protein (type 2);
    • a protein responsible for the condition of the skin, nails, and hair (type 3).

    The name of this fibrous substance can be translated from Greek as “glue”. And indeed, the protein forms a mesh that tightens the oval of the face, holding the cartilage in the joints and spine. It is found in hair, nails, teeth, bones, and even the health of the intestines, and the condition of the walls of blood vessels also depends on it. Connective protein provides elasticity of the epidermis and ligaments, strengthens nails and gums, restores natural shine to the hair, and provides ease of movement. Learn more about xyngular reviews.

    Another aspect of the work of the protein-it helps to restore the skin in case of damage. Of course, deep wounds – this is a doctor’s appointment, but small scratches, burns, or irritations with its help will heal much faster. In addition, if you drink supplements with collagen, stretching and muscle pain after heavy physical exertion are much easier to bear.

    So, what is collagen good for? Preparations with collagen are used in cosmetics to tighten the skin, include in sports nutrition. In addition, they are included in the course of therapy for certain diseases.

    In cosmetics, the connective protein performs several functions at once:

    • forms an air-permeable but moisture-retaining layer on the skin surface;
    • smoothes the skin like a wet compress;
    • prolongs the effect of other components (oils, plant extracts, etc.);
    • creates a protective layer on the surface of the hair, enhancing the natural shine.

    Modern “elixir of youth”.

    What humanity has dreamed of for centuries has almost become a reality. Finally, you can prolong your youth. However, you will have to work hard for this: giving up bad habits, a gym, a rational diet with the necessary supplements. A good help in the fight for health and beauty will be collagen in any pharmaceutical form.

    It is easy to buy on the most popular and reliable sites. And if you consider that most drugs combine materials for building protein with a well-adjusted dose of vitamins, then finding radiant skin, elastic ligaments, and mobile joints cease to be an unattainable goal.