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Why Wear PPE? The Benefits.

    Personal Protective Equipment has not just been part of our culture since Covid-19. PPE has been a staple in certain industries for many years. Ever since Alexander Fleming first discovered penicillin, the world of medicine has known about the links between cleanliness and good hospital treatment. In fact, PPE has been around for generations in this sense. You can see it in the aprons and hats nurses used to wear, or the white coat of the doctor. 

    PPE is not just a status indicator when it comes to medicine. Although the sterile whites and crisp fabrics have come to represent the world of doctors and nurses, the necessity of these clothes extends into patient care. Fresh whites and hair coverings protect each patient from the transmission of bacteria. Modern PPE is simply a greater magnification of the same.

    Why Wear PPE?

    The last few years have seen a dramatic shift in the way we wear Personal Protective Equipment. The onset of a global pandemic beyond our reckoning created an overnight increase in demand for items of clothing that we westerners would likely otherwise never ask for. From disposable outerwear, plastic aprons, and paper masks to respiratory equipment and shoe coverings – we needed it all. This was demonstrated best when medical supply shortages led to a lack of masks, gloves, and hospital equipment. 

    Even now, wearing a face shield or fabric mask is an accepted reality in many places. Hospitals, dental offices, chemists, and other areas did not switch back to maskless after the outbreak. Covid is still out there, although far less of a threat than it was. Nevertheless, like a bad flu, it lingers.

    PPE became essential in 2020 to protect clothing and skin. If bacteria landed in your hair or got onto your hands, you risked catching the virus. Disposable protective clothing allowed us to maintain our freedoms without as much risk of catching Covid. To this day, there are businesses which take a ‘better-safe-than-sorry’ approach to PPE.

    The Benefits of PPE

    Of course, nobody would bother with PPE if it didn’t work. The main reason people wear it is to protect themselves from the transfer of germs from one place to another. Let’s take a closer look at Personal Protective Equipment and see what the benefits are.

    Lesser Chance of Illness

    Those who wear PPE in and around their workplace display less chance of catching bacteria borne illnesses. Unpredictable incidents can happen in life and throw your whole world out of balance. Catching a virus, disease, or workplace illness, can ruin your health in the long term. Protection is far better than cure in this case.

    Lesser Chance of Injury

    If you outfit your employees with the correct safety clothing, you can protect them from workplace injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 2.6 million workplace injuries each year. Without high vis jackets, coveralls, and hard hats, those numbers would be far higher.

    Fire Protection

    Some workwear is tailored towards protection from fire. Imagine if you were a fireman, or if you worked in a kitchen and wore a chef’s jacket. People who work for the fire department need flame retardant PPE to keep them safe awhile they go about their duties. They also need respirators to keep their airways safe.

    Reduced Staff Absenteeism

    If your employees are effectively protected for their daily tasks, you will see a drop in both staff turnover and staff sick days. Combat absenteeism by protecting your employees, this will increase productivity in a roundabout way.

    Reduction in Loss of Eyesight or Hearing

    Some employers must provide protection such as safety goggles or ear protectors. Whether your workplace requires these or not depends on how often you encounter eye irritants, chemicals, or excessively loud noises. Construction site workers may need ear protection, while those working on the railways or in aerospace might require this type of PPE.

    Drop in Staff Lawsuits

    If you do not provide the correct PPE for your employees and they become unwell because of it, they have every right to sue you. Business is tough enough without worrying about future lawsuits because you scrimped on PPE.

    Promotes Professionalism

    If you turn up to a case, home, or business, and your employees are outfitted in PPE such as face shields or masks, this presents customers with a professional appearance. You can even have PPE made to order to include your logo and branding.

    PPE is For Life

    PPE allows your employees to work for you in as safe a manner as possible. For the worker, it is necessary to protect your health. for everyone involved, PPE can save lives. Especially during a global pandemic.