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5 Self Defense Techniques That Can Help You Avert Any Danger

    In the world we live in today, it has become imperative to keep ourselves always ready for anything that comes in the way. Despite the safest environments, there are always chances of miscreants and other unlawful elements of the society finding a course in the personal zone of a person to accost. Hence, it is essential to be able to guard oneself in the face of any mishappening. Here are 5 of the top preferred defense techniques that will help to keep you safe. 

    Filipino Kali and Escrima

    This art is said to have originated from the broad scope of fighting traditions practiced by traders traveling through the Philippines. As the locals always used to keep an open mind when it came to fighting, this resulted in the utmost use of a stick and a knife in the fighting style. Because a person can get hold of both things quickly while being outside, this martial art style is highly suited to defend yourself on the street. Despite the tight learning curve, especially with the sticks, practitioners continue to stick with it for its sheer potentness. Even though it is ages old, newer ways to cut and defend are constantly worked on to be incorporated on a massive scale.

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    This is another excellent way of protecting yourself from thugs or unwanted advances of people. According to the experts at Kioto, it helps instill a sense of self-confidence, which lets you enjoy its benefits in all aspects of life. The style is based on grappling, ground fighting, and submission holds. Learning this skill makes it easier for you to take your opponent down, controlling his or her moves while gaining a dominant position. The chokeholds or the joint locks force the opponent into submission. 

    Pencak Silat 

    This form of fighting comes from Indonesia. The term refers to a collection of martial art styles that were developed to fight off Dutch invaders. There are many forms, and choosing the one that you are most comfortable with is crucial to have maximum efficiency and effectiveness. With the addition of a knife and gun, the format of Muay Thai is perfect because of its marginal simplicity. The focus is more on the strikes than the grabs, which are ideal and functional to execute in a street situation.

    Krav Maga

    Developed by Moni Aizik based on Judo, this grappling art has been designed specifically to deal with the situations involving guns and knives in actual life circumstances. With simple techniques and fast reflexes, this can help you save yourself even if the person you are facing stands armed.

    Combat Sambo
    This martial art is from Russia and focuses chiefly on the techniques of grappling. There are three forms in this style which are sport, self-defense, and combat Sambo. The first one is aimed at competitive fighting, while the second form concentrates on aimed self defence, inflicting minimum damage to the attacker – which is exactly what you will learn about in an introductory class. The third one – Combat Sambo – is a military fighting form which is designed to cause serious damage to the attacker. It involves training the reflexes and to achieve a good level, one needs to dedicate a good amount of practice. 

    The Last Word

    Whether it is you or your loved ones, protecting against any violence or crime has become essential. In the days to come, we hope you will find the ideas mentioned above of self-helpful defense. Stay safe!