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 Ways to Ensure Product Quality in Pharmaceutical Industry amid COVID 19

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    Covid-19 has had a great impact on the medical industry. Among all the confusion and uncertainties, things have started to look better. However, off lately, the constant fear and anxiety still continue to grapple with the mind of the common people. Thus, it has become more important than ever to be able to deliver all kinds of medical products without making any concessions in the safety standards. As a measure of protection, extra precautions need to be taken in order to keep the high product quality. With the following ways, one can maintain the safety and hygiene standards in pharma-related production units.

    Sanitary Valve in Production Units for Hygienic processing
    When it comes to any liquid drugs, medications, and vaccines, hygiene and sterility are of paramount importance. Hence, maximum care should be taken in order to prevent any bacterial or viral influence in the materials.

    To ensure that the product quality is not compromised at all, various valves are used in production. Valves like sanitary ball valves in applications help to regulate the flow of liquids passing down from one containing unit to the other one. This specific valve-type plays a crucial role in limiting crevices and cavities which could be a breeding ground for bacterial activities. The various parts of a sanitary ball valve like the tri-clamp end, flanges, etc. are very helpful to prevent any outside contamination, thus making the process very safe and free from germs.

    Periodical Cleaning of Tanks
    Tanks are the big containers that are used to process or store big batches of pharmaceutical liquids. As the purpose they serve is vital, they are often made up of industry-approved metals and must fulfil all the certification standards. That being said, in times of a global crisis, it has become extremely important to raise the safety grades. Hence, these tanks should be cleaned thoroughly in specific periods so that the material inside remains safe.

    Placement of Agitators in a Clean Environment
    Agitators are the mixers that are used to blend substances of different viscosity and maintain the heat transfer in different vessels. These come in direct contact with the room air. If there are dust particles in the room, there are high chances that these industrial whiskers will catch them. As a result, it can harm the medicinal product inside. Therefore, these mixers should be placed in an area of minimal intervention so the air quality is maintained.

    Kettle Sanitization
    Just like all the other pharmaceutical equipment, kettles are also integral in the production of numerous products. They have a hemispherical base along with an externally attached jacket for high efficient cooling and heating. As they store the product for a long period of time, hence, they need to be sanitized in periodic intervals so that there are no unclean particles in it. 

    Following all the general safety precautions
    With all the aforementioned ways, it is also important that all the other general safety guidelines for Covid-19 are also being followed and duly maintained. This may include social distancing, wearing of masks, regular temperature checks, etc. among the employees. Also, the entire facility should be always maintained and cleaned thoroughly so that the industrial production is free from any contamination and dirt. And so the processes carry on without any obstructions and hindrances.

    The Bottom Line
    Like other industries, various medical and pharmaceutical companies have taken various measures to meet the different challenges in pandemic times. These precautions can help to make pharmaceutical products more secure and safe.