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17 Health Tips For Teenage Girls

The teenage years are among the crucial years in a human being in terms of growth and development. This is a stage where the person will develop both cognitively and physically. Also the person will develop in physiological body functions as this is the age of the onset of puberty or adolescence.

For this growth and development process to go on smoothly, a person should be in good health physically and mentally. This is essential to provide the right environment in energy needs and hormonal activity.

Girls are the mostly are required to have a good health as they have more pronounced changes mostly in the monthly period.

Here are some tips that teenage girls should have for proper health during this time.


  • Have A Healthy Diet


Teenage girls should have a healthy and balanced diet at this age period and stage to provide the right nutrients and energy needs for the proper growth process. Missing a proper diet can hamper the process and delay some essential changes and this may have a profound effect throughout their lives.


  • Go For A Tetanus Shot


It is also advisable for the teenage girls to go for a tetanus shot to prevent them from contracting teatanus. This is due to their monthly periods that can expose them to the tetanus causing pathogen.


  • Have A Meal Full Of Iron And Vitamins


This is on the same school of thought as having a healthy diet. Here a teenage girl should have an iron rich die and one packed with vitamins. This is intended to replenish the lost electrolytes lost through her periods. Having a meal full of greens such as kales and spinaches and also a serving of liver will go a long way in helping refill their iron sources in the body.


  • Take A Lot Of Water


A teenage girl is highly advised to consume enough water for her well-being. This is key in helping replenish water sources in her body that are lost through her periods and also through sweat as girls at this age do sweat a lot due to increased metabolic activities in their bodies. Water is essential in plenty of activities in their bodies and also in maintaining a vibrant look.


  • Maintaining A Good Body Hygiene


Due to the increase in metabolic activities in the body, people at this age even ladies respire a lot. This will lead to increased sweating of the bodies in a bid to cool it down. Sweating if not checked can provide a breeding ground for pathogens that apart from producing a stench can also cause diseases. Also due to the monthly periods, hygiene must be maintained to ensure infections are kept at bay.


  • Avoid Or Go Easy On Junk Foods


At this age healthy eating should be promoted and junk foods should be avoided or taken occasionally to relieve a sweet tooth. Too much junk may increase cholesterol levels in the body which can lead to obesity and high risk of other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.


  • Use Minimal Beauty Products


This being an age where peer pressure is dominant with the urge to fit in, it is not uncommon seeing teenage girls resorting to use of beauty products to make them feel more attractive. It is advisable to use this products minimally to prevent the occurrence of skin conditions due to incompatibility of the products. This may cause severe allergic conditions or lifelong consequences.


  • Keep Off Drugs


This is an age where the girl will also develop cognitively and will want to know how certain things feel to fulfil her curiosity. Among these things will be drugs of all kinds from bhang, cigarettes and alcohol. It is highly advisable for a teenage girl to keep of all these drugs for a better and healthier future.


  • Have Occasional Counselling Sessions


Teenage girls are prone to high stress levels and depression and this may affect their general healthy well-being. To help in this situation enrolling for a counselling program will help in a lot of ways in controlling stress and curbing depression.


  • Have Some Quality Sleeping Time


Sleep will promote growth of the body both physically and mentally and also provide a good internal environment for the body’s metabolic processes. Quality sleep will have awesome long term benefits to the teenager.


  • Exercise Frequently


Exercise is healthy to any teenager and will promote circulation in the body as well as burn excess calories to reduce obesity. Exercising regular in jogging, running or playing in a sport will help foster a good practice in future preventing occurrence of lifestyle diseases.


  • Having Sex Education


The teenage years being an experimental age, teenagers are most likely to engage in irresponsible sexual behavior. Giving teenage girls the necessary education on this topic will help to prevent an unwarranted sexual behavior and curb unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases.


  • Develop Good Eating Habits


Due to peer pressure, most girls will want to ape their friends and celebrities in their lifestyles and would want to be like them even body wise. For this reason most girls will go to extreme lengths such as starvation to achieve these body shapes. These practices are unhealthy and may lead to severe health conditions.



  • Have An Alone Moment


Having a silent and alone moment is essential in helping one reenergize and gain focus. This might help in fighting depression which is good for the teenager.


  • Avoid Media Fads In Dieting


In this age where many are striving to shed extra weight, media has taken this fad by storm and peddles various ways one can lose weight quickly. Some of these methods are impractical and dangerous to your well-being in the long run. Do proper research before practicing these methods.


  • Go For Regular Check Ups


It is advisable for teenagers especially girls to go for regular checkups to ascertain if they have any infections or are at risk. This will help in coming up with proper measures to deal with the issue at hand and maintain their best health status.


  • Maintain A Clean Environment


For teenagers to be healthy, they will require a clean and hygienic environment that will deter the growth and multiplication of pathogens. To maintain this clean surrounding, a teenage girl will be required to ensure a proper cleaning regime in washing and clearing of dirt in addition to practicing disinfection.


Having a healthy teenager is key to better and healthy future and you will be assured of a superb growth process both cognitively and physically. Being in good health will also save on frequent visits to the hospital.