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5 Benefits of a Bikini Trimmer Over a Razor

Maintaining the Bikini area is a regular routine and, therefore, requires an easy and pain-free method. Depending on your preferred style of keeping trimming down there, there are various tools designed specifically for the bikini area. The best bikini trimmers are a good example of these less invasive methods. But how do these compare to razors which are much cheaper? Here’s a closer look.

Designed specifically for the bikini area

As the name suggests, a bikini trimmer is specifically designed to trim the delicate bikini area. Whereas a razor is a multipurpose tool for shaving any part of the body. Therefore the features of the bikini trimmer are made for trimming the bikini hairs. This is because the bikini area has delicate skin and also accessing the area is a bit difficult when grooming.

Trimming removes hair softly without irritating the skin though it cuts close to the skin. Bikini trimming leaves some hair on the skin and does not shave completely, unlike a razor. It leaves the skin intact to serve its purpose of protecting the body.

No chance of being bruised

A bikini trimmer gives you the convenience to decide the length of hair to trim because it has adjustable combs with different settings. The bikini area is a delicate body part. The skin is very sensitive. Unlike other body areas where you can use many products to maintain them, the bikini area has a specific PH level which when altered can lead to infections. Also, the bikini area should always be kept dry as much as possible. Therefore you can’t apply moisturizers and other skin products without risking infection or irritation.

When using a razor, you will get irritation and redness always because it touches the skin. When using a bikini trimmer, there is no risk of bruises, razor bumps, rashes, infections or ingrown hair. The trimmer does don’t touch the skin.

Fewer tools and products required

Shaving using a razor is more complex than trimming. When shaving using a razor, usually you need to trim first which requires a pair of scissors or a trimmer. Shaving using a razor requires you to be very careful lest you bruise yourself. But using a trimmer is easy and trimming leaves the skin intact.

When shaving since the skin gets bruised, it requires maintenance until the skin is healed. This requires moisturizers after the shave. This is complex for a delicate area like the bikini area which is sensitive to wetness and to many skin products.  

Bikini trimmers are convenient. They are rechargeable and give you a choice of either doing a wet trim or dry trim. They can be used in the shower or dry, out of the shower.

Easy to handle, maintain, clean and store

Bikini trimmers are easy to handle.  They are shaped in a way that makes them easy to reach the bikini area and maneuver well. They are made with a shape that makes it easy to control the trimming. Some have ergonomic handles.

Since bikini trimmers are waterproof, they are easy to clean as they are water immiscible. Bikini trimmers are cordless and easy to store in the house or travel bag when you are on the move. They are small enough and not cumbersome in size.

It’s, therefore, easier to stay organized with bikini trimmers than with razors. Razors are so small and this makes them hard to store and maintain. They can be misplaced easily.

Bikini trimmer have so many features unlike a razor

There are so many trimmers with different features to choose from in the market. Some trimmers are dual purpose and have a shaver too. We have masculine colors and feminine colors. Bikini trimmers are battery powered and some have indicator lights to show the battery level when charging. Some have caps for removing hair from the body after shaving.

And what’s more, bikini trimmers are very affordable. A bikini trimmer will be expensive if it’s part of another product. Bought on its own, it is very cheap. Some trimmers come with travel bags for storing them. It helps in packing them conveniently and traveling with them.

Final thoughts

Unlike razors, Bikini trimmers are easy to use even for beginners. Best of all, there are so many bikini trimmers in the market. It all depends on what features you are looking for and your budget.

Bikini trimming is an easy exercise to do before or during your bathtime or grooming time. When using a bikini trimmer it takes a very short time and the hand does not get tired. But using a razor requires experience and skill to reduce chances of bruising yourself.

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