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Addiction Treatment at Sober Living House

If you’re about to enter a sober living house you need to be equipped with all the necessary facts.  Substance overuse and making wrong choices in life will eventually lead to professional help, in the form of a men’s sober living house. But why would you be entering one in the first place? There are different treatment types, here are available ones.



Depending on the situation and the individual there are different levels of treatment plans for those overusing the substances.  A lot of factors are considered, and a plan is put in place to ensure the individual is clean and not dependent on either drugs or alcohol.  With each of these treatments, a lot of care and support is tailored into each plan. Sometimes the length of previous drugs or alcohol is a factor in a patient’s program.  With individuals who have come from a background of drugs or alcohol a lot of therapy is included while in a sober living house.  This therapy can come in the form of group or singular type for the patient.  Getting the correct program for individuals can help them lead a future without substance overuse, the focus is to keep the patient on track with this.



This is specific for patients who need a customised care plan.  It can involve various levels of detoxing, as well as an in-house inpatient program.  



This type of treatment is intense as it’s continual right the way through to the whole recovery process.  Typically, this is the last part of the process before becoming an outpatient. It can involve therapy and various group meetings.  If necessary, it may include medical intervention and counselling and to help each individual reach total sobriety, recreational activities like meditation to clear the mind, yoga and even performing arts therapy.



This treatment is usually what happens initially when you’ve been referred to a sober living house.  It is vital to ensuring the end goal and recovery is achieved. A lot of patients experience withdrawal symptoms, but with a medical detox, the idea is to keep the withdrawal impact to a minimum.



Sometimes when people are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it tends to be coupled with mental health problems so when a patient of this kind needs help from a sober living house, special treatments need to be prepared and ready in place.  Assessments and actions can come in the form of individual or group therapy, certain medications as well as aftercare support for the patient in need.



This plan is for patients who may need extra care, support and guidance with medical management and providers.  You’ll be able to participate in things like group therapy, psychiatry sessions and the less intensive options like recreational habits, like sports and gentle mind-clearing exercises.  You would be offered this treatment plan if you’ve already completed the detox management plan and can handle a lower level of support and care.