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Do Weight Loss Supplements Work | Weight Loss Health Tips

It is not everyone that fancies the idea of frequent exercising and dieting. Many would gladly opt for the easy way out like popping a pill to shed all that weight within the shortest period. However, quick fixes are not always useful and may also come with some risks.

Current FDA regulations do not require the adequate backing of studies surrounding food supplements. Therefore, the manufacturers of weight-loss supplements supposedly have a free reign when it comes to claims. So, do weight loss supplements work? Or it is just a myth? Read maximum vibrance review to experience more.

The Ingredients

Among the most popular ingredients in weight loss supplements is hoodia. There is some evidence that the plant may actually be useful in suppressing hunger. The main component in hoodia is P57, which some studies show it reduces feeding in animals.

However, there are no clinical trials to indicate that P57 is effective in human beings. Until such a time that the herb is proven to be effective through reliable studies, its effectiveness remains a guess.

Green tea is yet another ingredient in most weight loss supplements. Unfortunately, green tea is also not the magic bullet component that helps burn body fat. If anything, the effects of green tea on your weight are impermanent. You cannot solely rely on it.

The main component in green tea is caffeine, a stimulant. Mostly, you will still need to move if it is to have any effect on calorie burning. And if you are sensitive to the stimulant, stay away from any caffeinated supplements.

Ephedra was a common herb stimulant used in various weight loss supplements. However, you can still find it in some of the pills. FDA banned ephedra in 2004 after leading to several deaths. In particular, ephedra causes high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. It would therefore not make any sense to place yourself at risk to lose a few pounds.

Citrus aurantium or bitter orange is a substitute for ephedra. However, some experts say that the ingredient has the same effects as ephedra. It is not safe and may cause a heart attack.

Furthermore, no research indicates the effectiveness of bitter orange. But why would you gamble with your health to look lean?

Do organic weight loss supplements have side effects?

It is a common misconception that organic supplements are free of side effects. For example, bitter orange is a natural supplement, but it comes with its own risks such as hypertension. Conjugated linoleic acid is another weight-loss supplement ingredient that many believe to be effective. However, there are still no clinical trials to provide clarity as to its effectiveness.

Certain organic supplements may have a negative impact on your health or unfavorable drug interactions with prescription pills.

Are there supplements safe if they are from a store shelf?

As mentioned earlier, FDA does not test dietary supplements. The majority of people that purchase these supplements believe them to be safe. After all, the authorities would not allow them to be on the store shelves if they were unsafe. However, testing of supplements is not under their obligation.

Unsafe weight supplements still find their way into the market. It was not long ago that FDA listed a significant number of weight loss supplements as being unsafe. In fact, most of them contain diuretics, laxatives and other ingredients that may be unsafe for consumption.

Will you still need to exercise and maintain a diet?

Most buyers of weight reducing pills expect to use them to cut extra pounds effortlessly. They hope to sit back and relax while the supplements do the magic on their body fat. However, the pills that supposedly affect your body’s ability to burn fat still need a change in diet.

You still need to exercise and watch what you are eating for real results. No magic pill can replace physical activity and eating healthy. For tips on healthy eating, please check the guide to health – find out more.


Weight loss supplements may not be as effective as some manufacturers claim. Some of them contain harmful components, which instead of making you healthy, make matters worse. Even if there are effective supplements, lack of clinical trials does not help in any way. There are still many unknowns.

The more effective and safe way to lose weight is through physical activities and eating a balanced diet. Don’t take the easy way out.

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