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Healthy Food for Road Trips: Eating on the Road with Kids

Eating healthy when you’re at home and have enough time to go out shopping and to prepare everything you need is not such a big deal.


Problem is how to stay fit and healthy eating while you’re on the road when you have much less space to maneuver. You don’t have access to the home appliances you use to cook and you never know what ingredients will you come across.


Lots of us do have kids. Having them on board adds a little more weight to the ‘’what we are going to eat’’ decision. If you don’t care much about your body and are confident enough that you can make it through a day or two of eating junk food, the least you can do is figure out the solution for your kids’ meals while travelling.


Unleash the Creative Side of Yourself

Years of cooking and preparing meals have taught you how to properly manage ingredients and how to cook just enough food so you don’t have to throw it away at the end of the day. Even if you end up with some leftovers after your dinner, you are probably that type of person who knows that food shouldn’t end up in the trash can and that you can still have a proper Sunday breakfast using Saturday’s leftovers.


Same rules apply when it comes to preparing food for takeaway.


First of all, you will need to know for how many days you’re preparing. Some of the ingredients can stay fresh only up to 24 hours, while some other can still be eaten even if 3 days have passed.


Second, you’ll need to decide on whether you’re bringing a fridge along with you or you’ll be limited to a simple rucksack. If latter is the case, you’ll need to adjust your menu so it excludes all the perishable groceries.


You don’t want anyone to have his stomach aching because he ate a 3-day old sandwich.


Sneak In Healthy Stuff High On Protein

Easier said than done, I hear some of you saying. However, this doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do really.


Lots of groceries that are rich in protein can handle being exposed to high temperatures while outside of the fridge. For example, you don’t have to carry fresh fruits with you. Fruits are highly sensitive to high temperatures (we’re considering that you’re traveling during the summer after all) and can easily get sour.


Instead, think about packing up some already dried fruit. Dried apples, cherries or raising will mostly do it.


Search for Possible Restaurants Along the Way

Considering that you already know your road trajectory ahead of your trip, you might also want to Google search some of the fine restaurants or fast food joints along the path.


Planning ahead never hurt anyone, plus you don’t have to be overwhelmed with preparing food for the entire trip.


Don’t Forget Drinks and Pack a Little Bit Extra

This may come as last on our list but it’s definitely not the least important. Matter of fact, it might just as well be listed as a number one on any packing list.


Lots of water and other liquids that will quickly regain your kids’ energy are something that you’ll all the time need to have by your side.


Finally, make sure to always pack a little more than you initially think you’ll need. Just in case…