Healthy Gift Ideas for Expectant Mothers

Oftentimes soon to be moms are so stressed and consumed with getting everything ready for their new baby that they begin to neglect their own health. As we know, that’s not good for mom or baby. 


While dedicating as much time to your child as possible is important, don’t forget that your own health is just as important! That’s why we put together 4 healthy gift ideas for expectant mothers. (Don’t forget it’s ok to get yourself one of these as well!)


Full Body Pillow

Any expectant mother will tell you that one of the hardest things about pregnancy is not being able to get comfortable. Furthermore, we know that better sleep results in better overall health.   This is precisely why a full body pillow makes a such a good gift. These pillows are fully adjustable, which makes it a must-have for expectant mothers as their bodies change. 


This pillow also great for after giving birth. It’s perfect for supporting a baby while breastfeeding and playtime. It also helps the new mother get comfortable as she heals. Be forewarned that your husband or partner may decide to steal it.


Bath Products

Nothing helps a pregnant woman who’s been on her feet all day wind down quite like a massage or hot bath. With that in mind, don’t be scared to gift an all natural body soap or bath bombs, which will allow her to enjoy a hot bath and destress a bit. 


Belly Creams

We’ve already touched the fact that a women’s body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy especially when it comes to skin around the tummy. One thing that’s been shown to help with stretch marks and keep her skin moisturized is Belly Butter. There are numerous brands out there with their own formulas but Burt’s Bees and Palmer’s Tummy Butter. 


Prenatal Supplements or Vitamins

The body goes through so many changes during pregnancy. Some of these changes can have a negative effect on appetite. Even with a strong appetite, it may be hard for the mom-to-be to always eat healthy foods. Most women crave odd things, while others want nothing but “junk” foods. 


For this reason, getting her a prenatal multivitamin(preferably one that addresses morning sickness like this from Intimate Rose) would be a perfect gift. While it doesn’t seem to be a fancy gift, it is certainly a thoughtful one.


Amongst all of the planning and preparations for a baby, moms often forget to step back for a moment and take some time to consider her health and well being.  


One of the sentiments that almost all mothers can agree on is that sometimes she just doesn’t have enough time for herself. Choosing a healthy gift that caters more to her benefit is thoughtful and caring. Take the time to choose a gift she will love and that adds to her overall health.

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