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How Seasonique And Other Ways Can Protect Skin From Hormonal Acne During Menopause

Most often than not, acne breakouts become common to women who are transitioning into menopause, which is a condition that is considered a normal part of aging. Accordingly, women between the ages of forty (40) to fifty-five (55) years old experience this teenage-like acne due to the hormonal fluctuations in their bodies when estrogen levels drop, or androgen hormones rise. Androgens activate the skin’s oil glands and hair follicles, which eventually lead to acne, voice deepening, and facial hair appearance for women.


As women’s hormone levels nosedive, their skin likewise becomes dry as a bone, loose, and thin. In this article, we will enlighten women of some treatments for their skin as well as other ways to care for it despite the changes that menopause may bring.

Less Greasy, Less Acne

Diet is, and will forever be, the key to maintaining an acne-free and brighter skin. Therefore, women who are in their menopausal phase or those who are yet to embrace menopause must start being picky or conscious of whatever they are feeding themselves as food affects the overall functioning of their bodies. It may sound hard at first, but women must hastily veer away from their favorite ice cream flavor of the month or against any other food that is identified to have a higher glycemic index.


The said glycemic index refers to a diet rich in carbohydrates, ranked according to how immediate they increase a person’s blood sugar levels. For health’s sake, particularly in desiring to have healthy looking skin, menopausal women must say no to greasy food that would only make breakouts succeed and, instead, stick to foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like fish, seafood, and nuts.

What Can Hormonal Therapy Do?  

Studies have shown how effective hormonal therapy is in treating stubborn adult acne in menopausal women. Hormonal therapy refers to medications that act on women’s hormones, specifically during the surge of androgen and estrogen imbalance in their bodies. Oral contraceptive pills like seasonique, and spironolactone are two hormonal therapies that can effectively fight off acne in women. To get good savings, using a seasonique coupon in purchasing is beneficial so you can commence with your battle against whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and, of course, acne nodules and acne cysts. Spironolactone, meanwhile, is considered a safe medication prescribed by doctors for people with high blood pressure, too much fluid retention, as well as for women with deep-seated acne.

How Chemical Peels Feel?

To help alleviate skin redness, whiteheads, blackheads, and blocked pores, skin exfoliation is the answer through the use of chemical peels. A chemical peel refers to the non-invasive treatment to exfoliate the skin’s uppermost layer by utilizing acids like alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid that materialize naturally. Another type of acid called azelaic acid is doctor-prescribed to treat acne, which are used either as a topical gel or cream. These peels gently exfoliate even the most sensitive skin to give you a new layer of radiant skin. Women may buy these peels at their dermatologist’s clinic or any pharmacy near them.

The Treatment Of Choice Called Retinoids

Topical retinoid creams or gels, which are like imitations of Vitamin A, are believed to effectively treat moderate to severe acne that was not remedied by other treatments. By spreading it evenly on the skin, these topical retinoid creams or gels can loosen up pores, lessen acne outbreaks, to include acne scars development. Working slightly different from other medications, these creams may at first cause skin redness or peeling, and acne regeneration, but they will eventually lead to the production of new skin cells that will bulldoze dead skin and unneeded oils away from the clogged up pores, and also lead to the prevention of blackhead and whitehead formation.


Menopause can be a delicate time for women to undergo. Aside from a variety of discomforts that women have to experience, they must also run into a plethora of skin changes that makes menopause like a harrowing roller coaster ride of sorts. It is comforting to note that women can contend with acne, wrinkles, and menopause symptoms simultaneously in spite of the emotional strain that they cause to their bodies. Above all, what women positively need is to spare some time to talk to their most trusted doctors and discover the perfect treatment for acne. After all, there is no magical procedure or extravagant creams to make women wake up flawless again, but nailing the best skin routine and protection will give them the ideal result of a lifetime.