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How To Help Your Employees Stay In Shape

Health costs have risen to the point where they have become bad for business. As a result, forward-thinking companies are tackling the problem by launching wellness programs in the workplace to ensure that their employees remain healthy and productive. And more importantly, healthy employees spend less on healthcare and report reduced rates of

A research recently indicated that 41% of companies had a better employee health as part of their strategies. One of their major strategy is to effectively deal with their employees obesity. Even smaller companies are making the effort to offer these programs; although their approach to the issue may involve some creativity to keep the costs down. Overall, the concerted effort to have health and wellness programs in companies is underpinned by the fact that every dollar spent on improving employee health creates cost savings of $5.

What Companies Can Do To Help Employees Stay Fit

1. Implementing Workplace Fitness Programs

Making employees work out when they arrive for work can help improve their fitness and their efficiency at work. In some cases, employees are even allowed to begin working a little late as long as the lateness was caused by their attendance of a fitness program. In general, companies which are strict about health and fitness issues will definitely encourage and motivate even more employees to participate in fitness programs. 

2. Encouraging Employees To Work Out In The Office

Some employees may feel that they are not allowed to be working out in an office. For this reason, a company can go the extra mile and let the employees know they are free to use their offices for workouts. However, the companies should remember to clarify that only workouts appropriate for these environments should be tried out.

Two of these workouts could include Yoga, Tai Chi, Stretching and Breathing Exercises. Kick boxing and other intense workouts can wait until the employee is out of the office to avoid creating any mishaps or getting physically drained to the point of lacking the energy to continue working normally.

3. Offering Benefits Related To Health

Employees can take a healthier lifestyle more seriously when they know that some financial reward might come out of this effort. For instance, there are companies that are offering annual benefits to employees that introduce anything related to fitness and health into the company.

4. Offer Parking For Bikes

Cycling has great benefits and could be used as a way for employees to go to work and therefore, help them to stay much healthier. To show appreciation to this effort, the company can make the effort to provide parking spaces for the bicycles of this specific group of commuters.

In that way, the company recognizes and appreciates the fitness and health-related decisions that bicyclists make and ultimately more employees will be encouraged to go to work by bike or participate in the company’s health and wellness programs.

5. Provision Of Adequate Breaks

Employees can easily fall into the bad habit of sitting at their desks for hours at a stretch. Sitting for prolonged period of time is very unhealthy and it makes pursuing an active lifestyle seem more daunting.

For this reason, companies should institute frequent breaks to encourage the employees to get up and move, keep them active with unique trophy design and more physically fit.
 Furthermore, frequent breaks at the workplace certainly improve concentration and focus and therefore they boost employees’ productivity. 

6. Offering Relevant Health And Fitness Information

A lot of people are aware of the need to lead healthier lifestyles. Such people are usually willing to take the initiative to practice a daily healthy way of living if they are given the right information. Such health and fitness information in the work place would definitely encourage and inspire the workers to start implementing a daily exercise routine.

To make such employees confident enough to start working out, companies can provide tips on some simple ways employees can improve their fitness. For instance, explaining why standing whenever possible is a good idea; or taking frequent breaks. 

7. Providing Healthier Diets

Health and wellness depends on both physical exercise and a healthy diet. Companies can ensure that their employees are not susceptible to health problems by making sure that they offer them healthier diets at the workplace.

Such a move is also likely to inspire some employees to make other healthier decisions in their lives, which would lead to better health. For example, at their workplace, employees could bring their own healthy snacks to make sure that they stay fit and healthy.

8. Allowing Multiple Fitness Programs To Flourish

Companies should not feel compelled to determine what sort of workouts their employees should do as part of the company wellness program. In short, companies should encourage fitness in general and give the employees some independence in choosing the workouts that will help make them attain greater levels of physical fitness.

So, while some employees might like some gym time, others might prefer running while others would prefer commuting to work on their bikes as a way to improve their fitness. All these employees should be allowed to attain fitness in a way that is more appealing to them. 

9. Helping Employees Attain Their Specific Health Goals

Some employees are likely to show a greater commitment to the company’s health and wellness program when they know they are getting the help they need to attain certain health goals. For instance, employees dealing with excess weight can be assisted in following a healthier daily lifestyle which will help in their fat and weight-loss efforts.


Employee health and wellness has a huge impact on a firm’s productivity and profitability.
Studies also indicate that employees that join the fitness programs within the company report better job satisfaction and increased engagement. To ensure that there are vibrant health and fitness programs within the companies, the management has to put some effort into promoting a fitness culture. The management should not stop t
here, however, they should find ways to keep employees motivated to stick to the fitness programs.

About The Author:

This article is written by Leandro, a fitness fanatic, healthy nutrition enthusiast who works out in the gym every day and practices many and various physical activities outdoors as he lives in the countryside and close to the sea. He loves writing fitness and nutrition-related articles for Websites including his own It is important for him to constantly broaden his knowledge by reading and learning from new surveys, studies and reports on healthy lifestyle issues.