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Lookout for these Gynecomastia Symptoms to Get Timely Treatment

Gynecomastia or male boobs is one of the most dreadful conditions for men across the globe. This is one of the most common medical conditions in boys and men at various stages of development. In simple works, this condition is just an enlargement of male breast tissues. It is a good fact to know that gynecomastia refers to not fat deposits but the enlargement of glandular tissues. In this condition, the presence of fat tissue that appears in breast area is known as pseudogynecomastia.

Some causes of gynecomastia symptoms

One of the main reasons for gynecomastia is hormonal imbalance in the body. Well, the problem is common in both males and females to some extent. The gynecomastia symptoms takes place when male hormones or androgens are lower when compared to the estrogens. The problem usually occurs with the development of boys in different stages of infancy and puberty. In most cases, the gynecomastia usually resolves on its own when the hormone levels will return back to normal. In some cases, there might be come medical conditions that can create hormonal changes and this result in gynecomastia. Some of the conditions that may be associated with the gynecomastia include:

  • Malnutrition
  • Cirrhosis of liver
  • Disorder of testes in males
  • Chronic failure of kidney
  • Aging
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Anti androgen treatment that are taken for prostate cancer

Top signs and symptoms of gynecomastia

With regards to the nipple and rubbery or firm feel, gynecomastia is symmetrical in location. Typically, both the sides are affected, and it can also develop on one side as well. In some cases, one of the sides may have larger involvement even if both the sides are involved. Well, gynecomastia is not a condition that is accompanied by pain, but still the enlarged area maybe tender or sensitive.

Contrary to the condition of gynecomastia, usually the male breast cancer is located only on one side. These are some of the crucial signs that you need to look at if you are seeking to get efficient treatment.

When do you need medical assistance?

Very few patients of gynecomastia reach a stage of surgical intervention, but the ones that do will need to be careful that initial signs are read and medical assistance is taken on time. Regardless of whether or not you have pain or are just feeling that you have an abnormal growth, it is best to seek medical help. The doctor will recommend some tests to help identify the cause behind this condition. These tests are essential to rule out any serious underlying cause for the same.

What clinics to visit?

Gynecomastia is curable with surgery, and cosmetic surgeons are experts in handling this condition. It is important to visit a clinic that is providing gynecomastia treatment from the past few years. The doctors that are practicing in the clinic need to be experienced and be reputed in providing the best results to their patients. It is good to carry out good research before you can visit the clinic so that you have a better idea about the kind of services that you can expect from them.

Preparing for the treatment is important

It is important that you prepare well for your treatment procedure because it is not just physical but also mental healing that is required. With time, a person going through gynecomastia may also lose his confidence in himself because of embarrassment, and so on. So you need to make sure that you prepare for your treatment well in advance. Here are some of the important points that you need to keep in mind:


  • Prepare for surgery


Spend time in preparing for your surgery. Make sure that you have pre-arranged your pick up and drop to and from the clinic. Decide on the doctor that you want to get treatment from. The recovery is also important, and so it is crucial that you plan for the assistance during this phase.


  • Compare the cost of surgery


These days, the gynecomastia surgery is not as experience as it was a few years ago, and there is a lot of competition in the market. As there are numerous players out there, it is crucial that you compare the overall cost. This will help you get your treatment in the most cost-efficient way.

It is crucial that you understand the seriousness of gynecomastia and take immediate steps when you identify any problems in your health. The time that you spend now will help you to make sure that you get the best treatment facility and results in the long term. Make sure that you keep all the above-mentioned points in mind and get the best results for a long term.