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Maintaining a Paleo Diet while Traveling

maintain a paleo diet while traveling

It is indeed a challenge to travel while on a Paleo diet. If you go in your own country, it’s not so hard, as you won’t have a language barrier, but going to other countries where English isn’t spoken, could give you headaches.

Then come other things like ingredients you’re not used to and maybe you won’t find all the Paleo products you usually consume. Don’t worry, it’s not impossible to keep to the diet while traveling, you just have to be creative and plan ahead!

Pack little paleo somethings

maintain a paleo diet while traveling

It’s always helpful to have something with you while on the road. There are many things you can easily take with you to foreign places with no trouble at customs, like beef jerky, nuts, pre-packaged food (like protein bars), dried coconut, dried fruit, herbal teas, supplements, seeds.

If you choose to take dried herbs and seeds, keep in mind they sometimes require declaration, so don’t forget about them while at customs. It’s safer to check ahead and see the rules of the country you’re going to visit before leaving home.

Knowing local words

Maintain a paleo diet while traveling

I always buy pocket language guides if I’m traveling to a country whose language I don’t know. They have the essential stuff about food, but they might not cover everything you might need for the Paleo diet.

This is why it’s important to do your homework from home and make a list of words or phrases you’ll need to get around buying or ordering what food you need.

There are options to download dietary requirement cards from the Internet that you can show in restaurants. Don’t forget to mention any allergies you might have, like gluten intolerance.

Ask the locals

maintain a paleo diet while traveling

You might be surprised at how knowledgeable locals are about paleo-friendly places and they could recommend specialized restaurants or markets you could buy good products from. Think about finding your way to a butchers, market vendors or shop keepers!


Still on the subject of local markets or supermarkets, look for things like vinegar (without any sugar), fruit, fresh vegetables, oils, salt, nuts, cured meats. That is, if you’re renting a place and you can cook for yourself.

Dining out

maintain a paleo diet while traveling

If you found a nice place to dine out, it might be a good idea to check the Internet and see their menu, if it’s suitable to your paleo diet.

If they don’t have it posted, then call the restaurant or you could also ask your hotel to do this for you – see if they have food suitable to your needs and explain clearly your requirements.

This way you won’t have any surprises and the restaurant might even have the meal ready by the time you get there!

Still, it’s not so common to find paleo staples like bone broth while traveling, so try to balance your diet by ordering meals that are cooked on the bone or stewed and soups that are made in a broth.

No bread!

maintain a paleo diet while traveling

Some restaurants bring bread without asking or there might be some dishes that come with a side of bread, so make sure to tell the waiter from the start that you don’t want it.

On the plane

maintain a paleo diet while traveling

With most airlines, when you buy your ticket, you can specify what type of meal you want. There usually is the classic menu (with meat) and the vegetarian one. But you can also order a special meal, limited to what they have on offer, of course.

When ordering special meals on planes, it usually goes that you’ll be the first one to be served and it sometimes doesn’t taste as great as what the others are having, but at least you won’t step out of the boundaries of the diet.

Pack some containers

If you’re the type of person who likes to have everything organized, you could pack some containers, a good, resistant bottle and resealable plastic bags to carry the food you’re going to take from home or what you’re going to buy while there.

These containers are helpful to prevent things from making a mess in your bag and keep the food fresh.

Even if it’s sometimes hard to maintain the Paleo diet while traveling, remember why you’re keeping it – the most important aspect is that it’s going to keep you healthy and in shape!

Author biography: Seema is a public health researcher and writer. She has devoted considerable attention to understanding and addressing the pressing problems in health care. Recently, she has started her new blog

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