Pee Study to Find out Whether Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

There is significant interest surrounding the benefits of vaping. However, the main concern has always been whether this is a better alternative for those who are looking for a healthier option. Manufacturers are now marketing vaping as a healthier habit.

Scientists have been working hard to obtain facts and conclude this matter once and for all. This is why it is not good to hold on to the current information and indulge in this habit blindly. Most of the information that has been posted on the internet today does not hold answers that are backed up by facts.

What We Know About Vaping

According to the current information that is circulating on the web and some print articles, vaping has fewer health impacts when compared to smoking. Some studies have said that is hundreds of times better, which many people have believed.

Another claim that is made is that e-juice without nicotine causes no harm to either the primary or secondary users. However, this has not been proven to be either true or false. The studies are ongoing, and it is better to be on the lookout even as you visit to buy your favorite vaping device and e-juice.

Scientists Study Pee

Recently, a group of scientists from different parts of the world has been measuring pee to learn whether vaping has any harmful effects. This time, they are not comparing the vaping group with smokers because the aim is to know whether this is a good habit or not.

In the USA alone, over 3 million people are already vaping, and the number is growing larger by the day. The number is also increasing among people from many other parts of the world. As the number goes up, there is a need to know the truth.

Shocking Revelations

According to the studies conducted on pee, those who vape had pee with more carcinogens and other chemicals. These shocking results were revealed by Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, which studied over five thousand participants. The research leader, Maciej Goniewicz, claims to have been surprised as well. According to the research center, they found the same toxins in the pee of vapers as those that cause cancer in the body as a result of exposure to chemicals in factories or during cigarette smoking.

Clearly, people who vape are at an almost equal danger. But when compared to the pee of cigarette smokers, those who vape have 20 percent less lead and other chemicals that are considered harmful. This can now lead us to comfortably conclude that vaping is better than smoking. However, it is best to avoid either.


Even though vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes, it does pose some health risks to users. However, the decision to continue using a vape or not lies with you. It is ultimately important to protect secondary users by only vaping in designated areas. Otherwise, their pee will also contain these chemicals.


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