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Pre-Flight Checklist before Working Abroad

Working abroad is always a unique opportunity to not only earn quite a lot of money, but also to experience a totally new culture and way of living. If you’ve managed to grab that opportunity for yourself, then congratulations! However, there are some things you need to handle before you can even think about packing for your flight.

Here are some things you should definitely tick off before working abroad.

  1. Get international health insurance, preferably from a reputable insurance provider. International health insurance is something that expats should consider getting, ideally before they even leave their home country. By doing so, you ensure that you’ll be getting the very best in medical treatment wherever you are, especially when you need it the most – such as during unforeseen injuries, accidents, health emergencies, and even just regular checkups.
  2. Get vaccinated. When traveling abroad, whether just for leisure or for business, it’s always a good idea to get vaccinated against the diseases endemic to the country that you’ll be staying in. In fact, it’s a mandatory requirement for entry in some countries. Be sure to check with your family doctor or general practitioner for what vaccines you need to get before your trip, as well as any routine or recommended vaccines you might also need to avail of. Also, don’t forget to bring proof of your vaccinations with you on your journey.
  3. Get your paperwork handled well in advance. We’re not just talking about your airplane ticket, but also your passport, your relevant visas, your work permits, any medical papers – make sure to prepare everything that you may and will need for your new life and career abroad well before your flight. Once you’ve managed to get them organized, store them somewhere safe, such as in a protective case or envelope, so you don’t misplace them or drip anything wet onto them.
  4. Get a general checkup and dentist visit. If you’re usually regular with these two healthy practices, then you probably don’t need to worry. But if it’s been a while or you’ve been putting them off, then make sure you take the time to get them before your trip. Doing so will give you and your doctor a better idea of your state of health, just in case you need to any regular medication during your stay abroad. Seeing the dentist before your trip also ensures that you don’t have to worry about any dental issues for a while.
  5. Find a way to communicate home. Look up in advance what options you have when it comes to contacting your loved ones from abroad. While it’s a foregone conclusion that many countries nowadays have broadband internet, there’s always a chance that the location you’re traveling to has limited connectivity options, so it’s always good to make sure. Some countries also use different network frequencies for their cellular networks, so your current smartphone model may not even function properly depending on where you’re going. Google is your best friend here, so start looking things up.
  6. Learn about your new host country. Moving to an entirely new country for work means being exposed to a completely different culture. Do your due diligence and research as much about your new host country. A great first step is to find out how to greet people in their native language. Customs, beliefs and how to get around your neighborhood should be on your list as well. Don’t start your new career abroad stressed and panicked. By getting the above checklist done well before your flight, you’ll be better prepared and ready to start anew in your new host country. Just remember to always keep your wits about you wherever you go.