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What is the Best Home Fitness Equipment

Fitness trainers who love to spend time indoors or are unable to go to the gym to maintain their fitness can establish an equally effective gym in their home by installing suitable fitness equipment. Ganas has been helping a number of home fitness trainers in achieving their fitness goals by offering a vast range of ganas gym equipment. You can find almost all kinds of home fitness equipment from this online brand. Since you cannot afford to install all the gym equipment in your home, the key is to select fitness equipment which can offer a wide range of functions. If you are planning to set up a home fitness space, here is all the fitness equipment you will need to buy:


Dumbbells are undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make in the name of home fitness equipment. These are the primary fitness tools which will allow you to perform a vast range of exercises in your home fitness regime. A high-quality pair of dumbbells will enhance the effectiveness of dumbbell swings for cardio exercises. Having a good range of different weights of dumbbells is quite a sensible idea as it will help you in various steps of your home fitness regime. Ideally, you should have weights ranging from 5 to 25 pounds in order to make the most out of this home fitness equipment.


A good quality exercise ball is a must-have for every home gym. Like dumbbells, an exercise ball is highly versatile in their performance. You can use them in a number of core strengthening and stability building exercises at home.

  • Use an exercise ball as a weight bench or a chest press while you perform push ups, leg lifts, and back extensions.
  • An exercise ball can help you a lot in reducing nagging back pain during your leisure time. You can sit on it while watching your favorite movies or working on the computer.


A-STEP and Treadmill are what make a home gym complete. Cardio exercises and strength building exercises require both this fitness equipment for effective results. You can use treadmills essentially for cardio activities. A-step can be used for step aerobics and as a weight bench for chest exercises. A-STEP can be modified into an inclined bench by incorporating enough steps. You can also convert it into a flat or decline bench to suit the various aspects of your fitness regimen.



Investing in a quality pair of adjustable ankle weights can help you in performing a number of muscular stability exercises. Apart from muscular and stability building exercises, ankle weights are used for lower body strengthening exercises. You can develop and tone your inner and outer thighs by performing moves like leg extensions and standing leg lifts. Ankle weights are also quite useful in incorporating add-on to lower-body moves. Ankle weights help in enhancing the intensity of lunges and squats. Ideally, opt for ankle weights which are lesser than 10 pounds.