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Why is Coffee Good For You? Here are 5 Reasons

There’s been a good amount of debate as to whether coffee is beneficial for humans, but there is an abundance of evidence at this point which suggests that it is. That is good news for all the people out there who never miss their morning cup of joe. Here are five of the reasons that you may want to treat yourself to one of those new espresso machines on which you’ve had your eye.


Less Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


The risk of type 2 diabetes in adults drops quite a bit for those who regularly consume coffee. That is true for both the caffeinated and the noncaffeinated varieties, but the coffee with caffeine in it is better for you in this regard.


Less Chance of Depression and Suicidal Thoughts


It has also been established that people who drink coffee are less likely to suffer from seasonal depression, as it can be used as a mood regulator instead of prescription drugs. It is also believed that suicidal thoughts and actions are less likely in people who drink coffee regularly.


Protection against Cirrhosis


Cirrhosis of the liver is potentially quite dangerous, and it becomes more likely among heavy alcohol users. However, coffee has benefits that protect the liver. It won’t prove to be the difference in the case of a person who is an alcoholic, but coffee drinkers do have lower liver enzymes than those who don’t drink it.


Protects against Parkinson’s


Parkinson’s disease is much more common among non-coffee drinkers than it is among those who imbibe regularly. The caffeine in coffee, combined with EHT, a compound that occurs naturally in coffee beans, provides protective benefits for people who because of genetics have a natural proclivity toward Parkinson’s.


Less Risk of Heart Disease


People who drink coffee regularly have less of a chance of contracting heart disease, too. Calcification in the coronary arteries is part of what takes place when heart disease starts to manifest itself. However, that is less likely to occur with regular coffee drinkers.


Other Reasons


These are only some of the benefits for those who drink coffee. There are many more. Coffee drinkers have stronger DNA, and they are at a lower risk for multiple sclerosis. It reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. Coffee drinkers are at less risk for gout, and liver cancer. It has been linked to overall longevity, and it prevents retinal damage. Black coffee also prevents cavities, as it kills the bacteria on teeth that causes them. Coffee has preventative properties as it relates to melanoma and periodontal disease. Coffee drinkers are less at risk of heart attacks, too.


With so many benefits, you should be convinced to continue your coffee habit, or take one up if you aren’t on board yet. Coffee is a fine morning tradition, but few people likely realize just how good for them it is. When you pour yourself a cup, and the smell wafts through the room, you’re doing more than getting ready to greet the day. You’re doing a great deal for your health as well.