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Why is Veganism Growing in Such a Big Way?

It’s a fact – there are now more vegans than ever. Statistically, the rise is impressive – and it’s global. In the USA alone, there’s been a 600% increase in the number of people following a vegan diet, and this number is only set to rise further, with many calling veganism the food trend of 2018.

But going vegan is a pretty big commitment, which leaves us thinking that it’s way more than a fad. So why are people getting on board in their droves with a movement that was once considered so extreme?

It’s Healthy

It’s official – eating meat (especially in large quantities) is actually pretty bad for us. It can increase our chances of getting cancer and many other kinds of disease. This is pretty sad news for foodies, but if health is your main concern, luckily there is another way.

Veganism has been proven to prolong our lives, which seems as good a reason as any to adopt such a way of eating.

It’s accessible

Vegetarianism has shown us for years that there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to meat alternatives, but now we’re realising that we might need to shy away from dairy as well – but luckily, that’s also okay.

These days, an array of grocery stores carry their own vegetarian and vegan lines, meaning that it’s actually quite easy to make the switch. Cooking vegan food is also far easier than it seems, with many recipes freely available online, from dairy-free vegetable lasagna to beetroot and carrot burgers.

And it’s not just the food we buy to prepare at home. In fact, you can walk into plenty of restaurants these days, and not have to worry about being catered to properly. If you don’t want to cook OR go out, you can even find vegetarian and vegan cuisine on Deliveroo, meaning it’s more than possible to find at a takeaway.

It’s good for the planet and the animals

There are so many arguments for veganism, and one of the key ones is how good it is for the environment and its living creatures.

Meat and dairy production takes its toll on our planet. Not only does the processing and distribution of meat mean that greenhouse gas emissions go through the roof, the animals used also produce toxic gases and when they’re bred for meat and dairy, there’s far more of them than there needs to be.

It’s also a question of ethics as to whether it’s okay to eat animals in the first place. Many campaigners have an issue with this – indeed, vegetarians have for years. But now the question is whether it’s okay to use animals for their other products as well, not just their flesh.

Vegan food tastes amazing

Finally, vegan food actually tastes amazing. This might surprise some people, as it really does seem like a huge sacrifice. However, there are so many things to eat these days that you could argue that vegan food is actually way more creative, highlighting excellent vegetable flavors.

No, it’s not just rabbit food. Vegans can enjoy a rich and fulfilling diet. From unhealthy stuff like pizzas to burgers through to deliciously nutritious salads, spiralized veggies and Asian treats, there’s something for everyone.

So perhaps the question we should all be asking ourselves this year is whether it’s finally time to go vegan.

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